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What Parents Need To Know About *Juuling*

There’s a new E-cigarrette children are taking in schools and it’s called a “juul”. It’s a popular e-cigarette system that looks a lot like a USB flash drive—you may have seen one in your teenager’s room and not given it any mind. Based on Twitter and Instagram posts with the hashtag #doit4juul, students are “juuling”…

Intentional Parenting

Do You Know? Parenting Is Also a Dads Job

Parenting is not just a “mum’s” job. It’s for dads as well. A dad’s role is very important when it comes to raising children. Dads need to be fully involved in their children’s lives so that they don’t feel left out and they have an actual relationship with their child not just a role in…

Friendless and Entitled

Are Your Children Impatient, Bored, Friendless And Entitled? Here’s Why

Do you ever wonder why most children are Impatient, Bored, Friendless and Entitled? There has been a decline in children’s social, emotional, and academic functioning, as well as a sharp increase in learning disabilities and other diagnosis According to Victoria Prooday who is a registered Occupational Therapist, despite all our greatest intentions, we sometimes unfortunately remold…

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8 Tips On Raising Godly Children In A Changing World

This 21st century is definitely a changing world and parenting has to be intentional  and spiritual for one to raise Godly children. Spiritual Parenting is not just about “how to parent”, It’s more about how to view your role as a spiritually minded parent; the God-given role that is yours alone. How parents can be…

Protect Children Online

What is it about LagosMums? Being a Mum means that you are many things at the same time…


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