Technology and Parenting

Parenting children in the digital age; requires an understanding of the role technology plays in our daily lives. The more we are aware, the more we can prepare them for the future.

Our children are online and connected to the whole world at the click of a button. This exposure means that we cannot hope for the best, we need to ensure that they are well prepared. Technology and parenting do go hand in hand.

As a result, today’s parents need to be well equipped and informed. You need to talk to your children about their online behaviour and to ensure they are responsible digital citizens. Some of the things to discuss are their digital footprint, the effect of screen time, cyberbullying, turning on privacy setting, the increasing role of automation and how to stay safe online among so much more.

Another wave that is here to stay is social media. There are several social media platforms that are widely used today. In reality, our children are jumping on at a rate faster than we can keep up.

Being a digital-savvy parent is not a good idea, rather it is critical to succeeding in modern-day parenting. The technology and parenting category on LagosMums is a resource for parents to help with this. In addition, schools have a role to play as they require children to use the internet for their school work.

Here you will find some of the latest and trending topics on technology and how it affects your family. So if you have never had a talk with your children about technology and the virtual world, today is a great day to start.

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