Creche's In The Workplace

Créches In The Workplace

We do not require empirical evidence to substantiate the fact that there is a growing number of mothers of young children (infants & toddlers) in paid employment today. Most of us have either a sister, aunt, friend, colleague, wife, or know someone who is part of this statistic. The mid-sized and large corporates have this category of women, grappling with the dual, often daunting role of (being) a responsible mum and a competent, high-performing professional. Creche's In The Workplace

These vibrant, enterprising women should be able to draw support from work (the employer) and life (family & friends) to achieve the much needed balance to go through sane days.

Childcare is the core of employee welfare, for working mothers of young children. A caring and thoughtful organization should be able to provide a well-run crèche facility in a safe, comfortable and stimulating space within the office block for the comfort and convenience of nursing mothers of children.creche3


These are low-hanging fruits, every forward-thinking employer should reach out for. Employee welfare is inextricably tied to work productivity. Women are known to be more conscientious, passionate and loyal employees. And given an incentive such as childcare benefits, this productive group of women, would boost the quality of their output.

What is in it for the employer? Check the bottom-line before and after implementing this initiative.

Baby Lounge

Contributed by Itoro Ugorji (Early Years Professional)

Itoro Ugorji is an Early Years Professional with core competencies in employer-sponsored crèches. She is credited with the design, set-up and management of work-site crèches for corporates such as Total E & P (Nig.), Access Bank PLC. and MTN Nigeria.

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