Day 8 of The LagosMums 2018 25 Day Christmas Giveaway


Day 8

Day 8 of The #LagosMums 25 Day Christmas Giveaway is courtesy of “LagosMums”

Day 7 of The LagosMums 25 Day Christmas Giveaway ]

One Mum gets a chance to win a goodybag containing LagosMums branded items – LagosMums popsocket, tee shirt, notebook.

LagosMums is a parenting and family life resource for mums and their families.
Contest Rules

  • To qualify, follow @LagosMums
  • Share advise for your younger self on achieving your goals/dreams and use the hash tag #LMChristmasGiveaway and #Day8

Follow the contest rules and enter on any of our social media pages @LagosMums on #Instagram or on our #Facebook Page.

Winners will be chosen randomly and announced on the 14th of December.

Good Luck!

Follow us for a chance to win some more fantastic gifts from amazing companies and brands you love❤💛. Tis the season of giving and love

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