Do You Know? Parenting Is Also a Dads Job

Parenting is not just a “mum’s” job. It’s for dads as well. A dad’s role is very important when it comes to raising children. Dads need to be fully involved in their children’s lives so that they don’t feel left out and they have an actual relationship with their child not just a role in the child’s life.

Come to think of it, dads are quite great at parenting, they bond with children perfectly and  they can be quite creative and funny.


Fun time with daddy
I got hungry carrying my 3 day old daughter and this is the only way she sleeps

Don’t we just love them. To all the dads blending work and parenting together, we see you and appreciate you too.

The LagosMums Parenting Conference and Exhibition holding on Saturday, 13th October is open to dads as well. Quite a number of dads were in attendance last year.


It takes a village to raise children. Hurry and register here! We look forward to seeing you there

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Parenting is not just a mothers job! A fathers role is very important when it comes to raising children! ✅ _ A dad wrote to me today and asked if dads are welcome to attend the LagosMums parenting conference holding on Sat Oct 13th! . _ And the answer is a resounding #Yaas!!! #SwipeLeft to see some dads who attended last year's conference! We had dads as speakers as well as attendees. . . "Wow! I was amazed by how much I learnt. I thought I would just drop my wife but I stayed all day" feedback from a dad at last year's conference. #Wherearethedads #LagosDads . _ It takes a village to raise children ??????‍♀️ Hurry and Register . . . . . . #LagosMumsEvent #LMParentingConference2018 #LagosMums2018 #Motherhood #Parenting #family #children #TheFuture #OurChildren #ModernParenting #DigitalAge #IntentionalParenting #LagosMumsParentingConference #Throwback #photos #FathersWelcome #FamilyAffair #Dads #love #fatherhood #Mothers #Parenting #instalike #Village #OurChildren #TheFuture #LagosMums

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