Easter Recipe – How To Make Frejon

Our recipe of the week is Frejon, a delicious Brazilian recipe. It’s a smooth paste like pudding made of beans and coconut milk which is eaten especially during the Holy week by a selection of Christians, mostly Catholics. It is often eaten on Good Friday because dairy foods and meat are not supposed to be eaten on Good Friday. If you have never tried it before, now is a great time to do so! Enjoy this Frejon recipe as seen on Nigerianlazychef




  • 1 cup dry Pinto beans or brown beans(honey beans)
  • 1 cup/can coconut milk
  • salt to taste
  • 1/2 tbsp Grinded pepper(Optional)
  • ½tbsp sugar or sugar substitute


  1. Wash and boil beans without salt until really soft. (Salt makes it hard)
  2. After it cools down a little, transfer it into a food processor. Blend with half of the coconut milk until smooth then run it through an iron mesh sieve. If the blend is too thick to go through the sieve, just gradually stir it through with a spoon until you have a pasty looking chaf left in the sieve
  3. Pour the mixture back in the pot and place it on the stove
  4. Stir in the remaining coconut milk, along with the sugar, pepper and some salt to taste. (Do not over season. You want to be able to taste the coconut flavour). Cook slowly on low heat
  5. Make sure to stir the soup occasionally while the soup is cooking in order to prevent it from burning and forming lumps
  6. When the soup reaches your desired consistency, set aside and serve with fish stew and dry garri

Happy Easter!

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