Elevated Stress Levels Directly Impact Others, Especially Our Children


Have you ever noticed that when someone is in a bad mood, it can cause your positive mood to skyrocket downhill rather quickly? Recent studies done by the Association for Psychological Science are showing that our mood does in fact affect those around us, especially our children.

According to the study, babies who are exposed to arguments between their parents actually strains the baby’s brain process. Research showed that infants are greatly affected by negative tone of voice, and not only during waking hours, but during sleep as well. When children are constantly exposed to this negativity, it can affect them throughout their life.

A young child’s brain is very vulnerable, therefore constant negativity, maltreatment and other negative behaviours that cause stress can severely impact the child’s development. The children involved in the study had their brain waves tested during their normal sleep hours. The research showed that children who loved a stressful home life were more vulnerable to the negative tone of voice that was played on a recording during the study.

No matter how oblivious your children may seem to your mood, or the conflict going on around them, thinking twice about the behaviour is very important for their well-being. Having ample amounts of stressful brain activity as a baby is shown to cause higher stress levels throughout their lives. As a parent, it’s important that you take the steps to create a health environment and lower the level of stress that your child encounters. There are some very simple, yet effective ways that you can go about making these changes.

Meditating on a regular basis is one great way to lower your stress, which will in turn lower the stress that your child is under. Simply taking 5-10 minutes out of the day quiet your brain and allow for an open mind can have real changes on your mood. While meditating on a daily basis is recommended, it’s also an effective way to detach from a situation that is becoming stressful and face it with some clarity once you have relaxed. You can also teach your child to meditate at a young age to help them create clarity and a better sense of well-being. While they may not be able to go deep into meditation for some time, simply having quiet time, while playing relaxing music is a great way to start the process at an early age.

Eating healthy and teaching our children to eat health is also vital for healthy stress levels. When you have a healthy diet for you and your child, you’ll both have an elevated mood and you’ll be able to ward off stress better when it does occur. Fill your diet with healthy organic fresh vegetables, fruits, grass-fed meats that are antibiotic- and hormone-free, wild caught fish and legumes.

Exercise is another important part of low stress levels, improved brain power and a positive mood for you and your child. When you exercise, your brain releases “feel good chemicals” called seratonin that help create a good mood and make you feel better overall. It also boosts your immune system, allows oxygen to flow to the brain and is one of the best lifestyle choices you can incorporate into both of your lives. When your child is small, simply taking them for a walk each day and enjoying the added benefits of the fresh air, is a great way to get the exercise in, while creating time to bond with one another.


Source – The Alternative Daily

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