Teach Your Children to Yearn And To Dream Big

We’ve almost come to and end of our series of A to Z of parenting tips, and believe you our readers enjoyed every tip that came your way. This week we will be taking a look at teaching your kids to Yearn for greatness and dream big. Last week we took a look at teaching them to become Extraordinary


Place Your children Among Those who will cause them to Think Big

The first and fastest way to get your child to yearn for greatness and become a big thinker is to make sure such a child is surround with those who have big thinking. Perhaps you might have noticed some children interested in things that extend them. Help your children to spend time with people who are going somewhere and can be a positive influence.

For example your neighbours’ child may enjoy science related things and is constantly trying to build, fix or create something, the child would obviously inspire your child too. If you as a parent, have a friend who not only inspires you to dream big, make sure your children are always surrounded or in the company of such friends.


Let your kids follow you to work

Another way to get a child to dream big is if they are exposed to environments that will challenge them to dream big. If you’re the kind of parent who works in a big corporation, it would really expose the child to a lot of things, most especially if your child seems like one who would eventually work in a corporate establishment. And if you’re the kind of parent who is into informal work- let’s say Fashion designing, you could also take them along so they can see how you go about your daily affairs. This kind of exposure for your child will allow them to dream about all that they can be while and when they eventually grow up


Children should be encouraged to have Big Plans of Their Own

As a parent we should always monitor and closely observe our children. This way we would become more conversant with what our children take interest in and what they don’t. For instance when we discover their strengths and weaknesses it would help us in the pursuit of creating an enabling environment which would help the child develop his strength. Take for example, your child could be given a pet project to handle, one that concerns their area of interest like cooking. With the right facilities and an enabling environment, your child will be an upcoming chef in no time. The project will not only give your child the necessary exposure but also help your child make some income as he/she grows.


Encourage Your children to figure out a way to earn income for themselves

In the earlier paragraphs we talked about finding out your child’s strength and what he/she naturally has a flair for. Take for instance you child likes knitting. You could encourage he/she to knit socks, mittens, purses or as the case maybe, and then you in turn as a parent could help your child market her items to family friends. Your child could even be encouraged to market the items on his/her own. If the child has a flare for baking, then the child could also be encouraged to bake cakes and sell them around the neighbourhood.


God Must Come First

Every child that will attain good success must develop a healthy relationship with God. This way, if they have big plans they will know how to embark on their plans in the right way which would enable them to achieve the best. Keeping God first makes the future brighter.

Contributed by Ife Balogun

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