Parenting Webinar – Ensuring your Child’s Mental Integrity and Identifying Mental Health Red Flags 🚩

📢 Attention all parents with children above the age of 10!

You are invited to a transformative parenting webinar focused on ensuring your child’s mental integrity and identifying mental health red flags.🚩

Join us for this FREE event and gain valuable insights and strategies to support your child’s development and well-being.

🌱🧠 Webinar Details

📅 Date: Sat Nov 25th 2023
⏰ Time: 10am UK (11am WAT)
📍 Venue: Zoom

During this engaging and interactive session, our expert clinical psychologist and mental health professional will guide you through essential topics:


1️⃣ Understanding Mental Health: Discover the significance of mental health in children and its overall impact on their well-being.

2️⃣ Red Flags and Warning Signs: Learn how to recognize potential mental health issues in your child and identify early warning signs that require attention.

3️⃣ Supporting Developmental Milestones: Acquire effective strategies and techniques to support your child’s growth and developmental milestones.

4️⃣ Differentiating Challenging Behaviors: Understand the distinction between normal behaviour challenges and potential mental health concerns, empowering you to respond appropriately.

5️⃣ Parental Support and Resources: Explore a variety of resources, support networks, and interventions available to help you support your child’s mental health journey.

6️⃣ Relocation: Understand the potential impact of relocating or schooling abroad on children and teenagers.

Registration for this webinar is absolutely FREE, to attend. Secure your spot now by registering here

Guest: Busola Olamuyiwa has over 12 years experience as a Consultant, Researcher and Clinical Psychologist, working extensively with children across 🇮🇪 Ireland & Nigeria 🇳🇬

Host: Parenting Coach and Founder, LagosMums, Yetty Williams

We encourage you to invite fellow parents, caregivers, and anyone who may benefit from this valuable webinar.

Together, let’s create a supportive and nurturing environment for our children’s mental well-being.

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