Exploring Prince Bishop International Summer School

Exploring Prince Bishop International Summer School with a Comprehensive Overview of the array of programs, aimed at inspiring young minds. 

Prince Bishop International Summer School was founded in 2023 by Lisa McGee, Director of Lisa McGee Education Ltd. With support from the Northern Powerhouse and DBT. Nestled in the serene North East England, this school offers an array of programs aiming to inspire young minds and foster holistic growth in a breathtaking natural setting.

What is your Mission?

Prince Bishop Summer School is to invite, educate, and engage young individuals to explore, learn, and thrive in North East England. We champion excellence, offering a diverse curriculum encompassing STEM, digital arts, and sustainable development. Our goal is to provide a safe haven where students can immerse themselves in a wholesome environment while excelling in their chosen pathways, be it football, academia, or theatre and the arts. We have a unique offer of volunteering opportunities where young people can learn to take action with empathy and learn from a wide range of

What are some of the facilities offered on campus? 
  • Gorgeous food
  • Comfortable rooms in a boarding school
  • 24 hour pastoral support worker
  • Camp Staff
  • All weather pitch
  • Sports hall
  • Theatre (Indoor and out)
  • Acres and acres of amazing countryside – safe and secluded with features like private woods,
    beaches, mountain bike trails, nets to practise cricket and more
  • Common rooms
  • Mini kitchens
  • Campfires
  • Tennis courts
  • Swimming pool
  • 5-star stables

Program Structure

Prince Bishop Summer School prides itself on expertly crafted programs hosted within prestigious Boarding Schools. The programs feature tailored morning meetings, bespoke English tuition linked to chosen pathways, and engaging afternoon activities such as educational trips to iconic landmarks like Alnwick Castle or adventurous outings to the Aquapark.

Unique Offerings

Distinguishing ourselves from others, we offer personalized English language education, a blend of watersports and bushcraft experiences, opportunities in theatre and arts, and exclusive workshops preparing students for university life. Our staff comprises experienced professionals, including educators, fitness experts, and acclaimed chefs catering to diverse dietary needs.


Current capacity is 90 spots for the Easter Academy and 130 for the Summer School (with plans for expansion in 2025), The programs cater to students aged 11-17 for Easter and 13-17 for Summer sessions. The class sizes are capped at 15 students. 

How do you run your programs?


The introduction of our residential summer camp aims to showcase the beauty of the North East countryside and offer an authentic British experience to participants. Our programs are implemented in Boarding Schools and feature highly experienced experts in their respective fields. They are dedicated to bringing out the very best in your child and ensuring they have the most enjoyable experience during their stay with us.

We have a pathways programme which allows young people to follow their interests whether that is University preparation STEM and Giftedness or sports, such as football. After a hearty and healthy breakfast, your child will have a morning meeting. Then they have bespoke English tuition which is linked to the pathway they have chosen. After a delicious lunch, they will either take part in their pathway or go on a trip as a whole group to places like Alnwick Castle, Northumberland to have the Harry Potter Experience or perhaps visit the Aquapark for fun with friends in the water.

Our staff range from University Professors to Former Team GB boxers and Modern pentathletes. The chefs love to cook food the children like and can adapt to any dietary needs. Finally, the house parents are experienced in caring for young people overnight and dealing with teenagers.

Pathways and Opportunities

Prince Bishop Summer School offers diverse pathways such as entrepreneurship, university preparation, sports like football and hockey, theatre and arts, watersports, volunteering, and STEM & giftedness programs, fostering skill development and experiential learning. We provide flexibility for students to explore various pathways during their stay and boast top-notch facilities including comfortable boarding, sports halls, theatres, acres of lush countryside, and a range of extracurricular amenities.

Prince Bishop Summer School offers diverse pathways such as entrepreneurship, university preparation, sports like football and hockey, theatre and arts, watersports, volunteering, and STEM & giftedness programs, fostering skill… Click To Tweet

University Guidance and Wellbeing Support

We prioritize university and college guidance through campus visits, one-on-one sessions with professors, and skill-building workshops. Additionally, our holistic approach ensures student well-being through meditation techniques, trained staff, and exposure to natural environments. We offer several workshops and masterclasses as part of our uni prep pathway with professors and associate professors from Durham, Newcastle, Northumbria and Teesside University and
support with interview practice, personal statement writing and the chance to talk to real professors one-on-one.
We offer the chance for your child to volunteer with local live charity projects helping young
people during school holidays which can help with personal statements.

What co and extracurricular activities does Prince Bishop Summer School offer?

There are a range of trips planned such as visiting the Alnwick Castle where Harry Potter was filmed (with a special Harry Potter experience). Other options include a visit to Aquaparks with the tallest and most fun slides and inflatables; and water activities including kayaking, and paddleboarding. And other outdoor experiences such as visits to Go Ape
High Ropes Challenge and the Hadrian’s Wall.

Our packed evening schedule of games, quizzes, and challenges such as Hunted, Bake Off, Capture the Flag and D n D capture the imagination of everyone and allow them to have wholesome fun with new friends. Finally, the conversation club runs every night and your child can always chill with a book in the rose garden or under an ancient oak tree watching deer spring through the fields in front of them.


How does Prince Bishop International Summer School help to support student well-being? 

Of course, mental well-being is key. Every child we meet learns meditation from us with astonishing results. We have designed it to provide students with easy and convenient access anytime and anywhere. And they can use it to effectively combat exam stress, teenage stress, and any other challenges life throws their way.

Additionally, the key staff members are mental health first aiders, and the entire team is trained in teaching meditation techniques. Being in such natural, wholesome environments affords them every chance to build their mental health and making new connections and trying new things boosts their sense of well-being. 

Admission Process and Fees

Securing a spot at Prince Bishop International Summer School involves a straightforward process with early-bird discounts available until December. Fees for a two-week block stand at £3000, inclusive of accommodation, meals, materials, and activities, excluding airport transfers. We are still offering 10% off until the end of December and the process is simple. Pay the non-refundable deposit to secure your place and complete the booking form. If you recommend a friend who pays a deposit you will receive a further discount. 

Open Days, Transportation, and Testimonials

While we don’t host physical Open Days, our website offers an array of visual content including webinars. Moreover, we facilitate transportation services to various airports. We can collect from Newcastle, Manchester, Leeds Bradford, Teesside, Birmingham and Glasgow airports for an additional cost and also London but please note London has connecting flights to many local airports.

Past attendees have shared inspiring testimonials, expressing newfound confidence and a range of positive experiences from their time at Prince Bishop Summer School.

“I loved making things pop and bang and made new friends.” –  Tom who attended STEM workshops 

“Having the chance to act on stage helped my confidence grow and I‘m going to start drama at
school now.” – Modupe who attended theatre and arts workshops

Families mainly cite how much confidence young people gain from working with us with such a range of activities

Contact Information

For further information, feel free to reach out via email at [email protected] or phone at +44(0) 7968 100105. You can also connect on social media at Twitter (X), and LinkedIn.

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