Exam Tips During Online Schooling

If your child is writing exams or assessments during this online schooling period, here are some exam tips that might help.

Reliable Internet

Have reliable internet (as much as possible!) What we did was to ensure my husband and I did not use the internet the children are using for classes. We hotspot for the period.

Place to Work

A quiet place to work. So as to limit distractions as much as possible.

Understand what school expects

Understand the schools’ expectations. For example, does the school require you to email them once there is a power or internet disconnection? some schools will cancel the exam if your video is turned off even for one second. If you don’t know ask!

Contact Information

Have key contact information for any challenges. So if there is any issue you (or an adult supervising) knows who to call or contact in the school.

Parental Monitoring Software

You might need to upgrade or confirm you have parental monitoring software installed. Know what sites they are visiting and block certain sites during specific periods, such as during the study period.




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