Family Friendly Social Media Challenges To Try This Weekend

TGIF! Since most parents are not working and the kids will not have online classes, there’s time for more fun and family bonding activities. Below are 10 fun family friendly social media challenges that you can try this weekend.

Try them out and let’s know what you think. The fun part is getting everybody to participate and watching what you’ve done together. Tag @LagosMums if you decide to post your videos on Social Media.

Family Friendly Social Media Challenges To Try This Weekend
Couple or Family Question Challenge

This challenge is one that is sure to crack you up and let family members know how everyone feels about each other. See a sample below

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I encourage families to play these games on TikTok They are fun and a great way to know how everyone feels about the other. In this season of STAY AT HOME, we need to make the best out of the situation. Our children most especially need us. Everyday, I mean everyday, teenagers reach out to me talking about how their parents and the decisions they have made affect them adversely. Money is the lowest form of expressing responsibility towards a child. Trust me! Time is one of the greatest and scarecest investments towards a child. A child can make it in life under hard economic circumstances but life is so much harder without parental love, affirmation, grounding, guidance and balance. @teelonis

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Put A Finger Down Challenge

This challenge started before parts of the world started experiencing the effects of Corona Virus and an eventual shutdown. It is a fun way for parents and children to catch up and know what each person has been up to. Popular Teenage sensation, Marsai Martins and her dad made us fall in love with the challenge. There are different variations of this challenge on TikTok incase you don’t want one that has swear words or anything X rated. You can also do a voice over by yourself

Put A Finger Down Challenge African Version

This is another variation of the “Put a finger down challenge” but this time, it is with things peculiar to an African mother. There’s no need to tell you how interesting this is, the challenge speaks for itself. Let your kids do this and rate how much of a typical African parent you are.

Flip The Switch Challenge

Almost everybody on Social media has done this challenge. Okay, that’s an exaggeration. But it will be fun to try it too.

Toosie slide

This challenge started when Drake released his new song ” Toosie Slide “. It reminds us of the iconic electric slide. Put on your dancing shoes and do this together as a family. The dance is not the only interesting part, getting everybody to learn the moves will definitely make you laugh.

Don’t Rush Challenge

Everybody loves to play dress up and this challenge makes you do just that. It’s a social media sensation as many find it interesting and fun to do. It involves changing looks seamlessly while passing on a make-up brush or any item to someone else who will then have their own glow up moment. Nigerians have even gone on to join in following popular Nigerian Artiste, Falz’ version of the challenge. He calls it the ‘#BopDaddyChallenge’.


Polyglot Challenge

People are showing their multilingual skills with this challenge. If you can speak more than one language, this is a challenge you will want to join.

Fitness Challenge

There are different variations of this fitness challenge. Friends, family, and celebs alike are challenging one another to complete a set of 10 push-ups or any other work out routine— then pass it along to their friends and followers. If it is good enough for Jennifer Hudson, it is for sure good enough for us. This is a great way to boost your dose of endorphins!

Dance Challenge

Just like the fitness challenge, there are many dance challenges as well. From the “something new challenge” to “I’m a savage challenge“, there’s a whole lot to choose from


A lot of question tag templates have been making the rounds. They can either be a list of short yes/no questions or “This or That” options. You can download and fill them individually or as a family. Here’s our favorite one below; helps you keep track of places you have been to in Lagos and you can form a family bucket list with the places you have not been to. It will come in handy when it is finally safe to go out and visit places

There are a bunch of fun challenges you can join on TikTok. Download the app and have fun! Are there any other challenges you know? Please share with us. Read this article for 5 ways to keep kids physically active at home during a lock down. Enjoy your weekend!

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