Family Friendly Weekend Guide

Hi Mums! With the elections holding on the 9th of March, there are hardly any events to attend. However, there are budget-friendly things you can do with the kids. Below are family friendly things you can do with the children this weekend.

family friendly weekend guide

Read Together

In the spirit of World Book Day, we wrote an article on How to raise a child who loves reading and we talked about the need for parents to encourage children to read by reading with them. Sharing a book with a child is fun – it’s time for closeness, laughing and talking together. It can also give children a flying start in life and help them become lifelong readers.

If you’re looking for where to get children books and study aids, visit @learnington. They are an online children’s bookstore providing a collection of books and study aids for children aged 0-12 years. They’re currently offering a 10% discount on all purchases made on the 7th & 8th of March. So take advantage of this opportunity and get books for your children.

Watch a movie together

Make it a bonding activity as a family. Turn your living room into a semi-movie theatre and watch a movie together as a family. You can go all the way and buy some popcorn to go with it. parenting etiquette tips / positive parenting/ Valentine's day

Cook together

Kids especially love making pie crusts, biscuits, and pizza, because they can squish the dough with their fingers. Watching yeasty dough rise and then punching it down is especially entertaining. Teach them how to make some really great meals. See our recipe ideas here

family friendly

Screentime doesn’t have to be unhealthy

Children today are digital natives, we cannot fight this. Help them to turn their screen time to learning time. There are many free resources where your child can learn online, they can learn to code on scratch.  Sites like offer free worksheets to learn math, English and more. Older children can learn new skills on sites like Coursera or Google Digital Skills for Africa. 

You can also learn new skills together such as baking, writing a letter, pottery, or dancing. Children find it affirming to see you struggling to master new skills, just as they are.

Play games together

Playing games together can also serve as spending quality time together. Play word games -Say an alphabet sound, ask the child to find something that starts with that sound – b for ball or balloon – s for sock – d for doll. Make up rhymes or songs about everyday activities that your child is doing. Play a game of cards, scrabble or chess. You can also ask your child to teach you something that they learnt during the week.

Take your kids along on a “Voting Adventure

If your kids are old enough, they can accompany you to the polling unit to experience what it’s like to vote. It could be a mini teachable session on what they willll be doing in a few years. Of course, you have to make sure it’s a safe environment before you take them along.

Enjoy your weekend!

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