Happy Independence Day Nigeria!

As we celebrate Independence Day of our nation Nigeria we are also hoping for a country that continues to grow, develop and care for its citizens.

We should remember to thank God for the people, the diversity, the various cultures and tribes living together. I find that at least once a year at independence day celebration I marvel and thank God for the colours, the various cultures, different foods and attires in Nigeria. This is because as the children wear their traditional clothes to school to celebrate Nigeria’s birthday we are reminded to appreciate our cultures and teach the children that though there are differences we are still one country. That is when I am reminded that we are a nation of variety and variety is beautiful, the different dances, the songs, the art reminds me that this is a nation that has beauty.

While there are still so many things we wish for to make this a great country, we should not lose hope or lose sight of the uniqueness that makes up Nigeria and the people that make up Nigeria.

Happy 53rd Independence Day Nigeria!

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