New Year Goals

How Apps Can Help With Your New Year Goals

Happy New year everyone! The New Year usually comes with new plans, goals and resolutions and everyone wants to know how they can do things better or improve on some habits.

This year I want to be more focused, be more productive in all the many things I have to balance as a mum, business woman, wife, sister, writer and more. I love technology and find that I can use this to help me with achieving my various goals. Here are some of the apps that I rely on when it comes to achieving some of my goals.

When it comes to managing my time; this is my best App of all time. It is like having your own personal virtual assistant with you 24/7. Since I started using this app my life has gotten easier to manage and I am more productive. It is an all-in-one life manager and saves me time on organising everything that I need to do. One of the best features of the app is that I can capture my random thoughts or things I need to do. Every morning, I get a reminder to go through my list of to do’s and get a prompt to put a date and time on completing the task. This is a must have for busy mums and anyone who wants to get more productive this year.

Any.Do App for GoalsSamsung Gear Fit2 Pro

This year it is all about being fit and healthy. I love Samsung gear as this helps with monitoring my activity, counting my steps and calories. It measures how many hours of sleep I get every night, number of cups of water and it also helps set various fitness and lifestyle goals which can easily be tracked. Samsung Health is another great tool that helps you record and analyse your activities and habits for healthy living. Samsung Health tracks your activity, nutrition, and sleep, and provides useful insights based on your progress and current status. There is no excuse this year when it comes to meeting my New Year health goals.

samsung gear fit2 pro


YouTube Downloader

I love watching videos on you tube and sometimes I need an easy way to download them. Part of my goals is to increase my knowledge in various areas videos are a big part of this. The YouTube downloader app from Galaxy Apps allows me to download videos in different formats and save on my phone. I can then watch this later or share with others. 

youtube downloaderPhoto Editor 

We all love taking photos, whether it is selfies with your friends or pictures of your children. Samsung phones take awesome photos in itself, the photo editor app lets you edit your photos, create collages and use different filters. In addition, you can use this photo editor app to automatically adjust the settings of your images, which will save you loads of time. Beginners can use it easily to enhance photos to look as great as the professionals or just to have fun! Fun is definitely a goal this year. 

Yetty Photo Editor

Samsung Music

I need to have my music nearby and Samsung music works perfectly to store my music, create playlists and create queues based on the type of songs I feel like listening to in the moment. One of my goals is to spend more time listening to music, it always improves my mood. 

samsung music playlist

Microsoft Office 

Being able to edit documents on the go greatly improves my productivity. Sometimes I need to make quick edits to a document or presentation and it is great to be able to do this on my smart phone. One of my goals to be more productive means being able to work and edit documents on the go.  


Networking is important whether you are an entrepreneur or career person. This handy app is nice to have to immediately capture the details from a business card and it also reduces the chances of loosing the card. Take a picture of the business card and all the information gets stored on your phone. This definitely helps me with my goals to network and make more contacts. 

What are some of your favourite Galaxy Apps to use? Or what apps are you using this year to help you achieve your new year goals and resolutions. 



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