How Busy Mums Stay Organized

Mums are the master jugglers, always attempting to take care of several things at once. It can seem overwhelming to stay organised and manage the needs of the entire household, career, business, spouse, siblings, children, yourself and the many other responsibilities you have. If you feel like you need to be more organised in your life, here are some great ideas right here to help you get started.

Places for Things

The first trick is to have a place assigned for the various things in your home. Items should be close to where they are used and where they should be. You may find it beneficial to label certain drawers or cabinets to help remind others in the home where to return things when they are finished using them.


Develop a routine for everyone. You may even find it easier if you post the routine somewhere everyone can see. By doing this, everybody knows what time meals are served, when diesel needs to be bought etc. It may take some time to get your family into it. Practice the routine in a friendly and fun way until everyone gets used to it.

Avoid Clutter

Clean out your closets and other areas on a regular basis. When your children have outgrown clothes, donate them or store them in a properly labeled “hand-me-down” box. Make a rule for yourself that if you purchase a new item of clothing that you give one away. The same goes for toys. When your children receive new toys, allow them to pick out the same number of toys to donate or swap with a freind.

How Busy Mums Stay Organized

Get Everyone Involved

Involve the rest of your family. You should not have to do all of the organizing on your own. If your children have a tendency to bring stuff into the living room and leave it there, get a box for each child and label it. At a certain time each day, have the children go through the house and put all of their belongings in the box and return them to their room. [Read: The Work Life Balance Debate]

Plan Meals Ahead

Another way to stay organised is to plan your meals a week or two weeks at a time. Make a list of what you plan to serve. Then, go through your refrigerator and cabinets, marking down the items you already have and make your grocery shopping list. It is helpful if you make meals in bulk and save the leftovers for the following evening.

There are many other tips to staying organised but these are a few to get you started.

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