How Can You Prevent Eating Disorders in Your Teens?

In comparison with other disorders, the availability of material on the prevention of eating disorders is limited at best. Eating disorders though often overlooked can be very harmful as they negatively affect personal self-esteem in addition to health. Although eating disorders can happen to anyone, teens especially female teens are more vulnerable to them. Also, there is no other constraint and these disorders can happen to anyone of any social background. This wide scope of eating disorders makes their prevention more crucial. Below we have discussed some scientifically proven tips and tricks to help you prevent these eating disorders or minimize their impact, at least.


Breakdown Societal Norms

One of the biggest factors of teen eating disorders is the pursuance of specific body size, weight, or dietary habits which they consider to be a source of acceptance and recognition. Parents and counselors should make them believe that these are just societal norms nothing more. A person is so much more than their physical body and it’s not imperative to gain everybody’s recognition. Make them mentally strong enough to accept rejection, to live life on their own rules.

Healthy Dietary Habits

Adopting healthy dietary habits is the first step toward the prevention of eating disorders. It’s a simple rule that any eating habit beyond normal becomes an eating disorder. Moreover, teens should be encouraged to use vegetables, and fruits instead of ready-made junk foods rich in fats and all the harmful things. Once they get a taste of a healthy lifestyle, their energy level boosts, and it won’t be difficult to steer them away from unhealthy habits.

eating disorders Guide Them

Parents/Guardians and counselors should have enough knowledge of the eating disorders and make a roadmap to guide the teens about the negative effects their bodies may have to endure from the unhealthy eating habits. Through genuine awareness, it is possible to avoid mistaken attitudes about food and eating disorders.

Thinness is not the Perfect Way

Young females are especially vulnerable to eating disorders owing to their preoccupation with losing weight. Their obsession with attaining zero figure sometimes led to psychological issues in addition to eating disorders. Show them the true face of media and help them debunk the myths of ideals created by advertisers and other media.

Build Self-Esteem

Eating disorders adversely affect teens’ self-esteem. They start underestimating themselves which leads to accepting defeat without fighting in almost every field of life. It is the responsibility of the people around them to rebuild their self-esteem and respect their accomplishments. Inquire about their life goals and help them work on their attainment. This will help them take their mind off these harmful thoughts. Moreover, make them aware of the support system they have, and the love of their friends and family. When their self-esteem is rebuilt, they will have the courage to come out of this mess themselves.

Seek Professional Assistance at the Earliest

People are generally not much aware of the eating disorders and exhibit negligence in accepting them. However, it is imperative to seek professional assistance as soon as the earliest symptoms start to show themselves. With the help of adolescent eating disorder treatments, such problems can be controlled before worsening.

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