What Can Be Stopping You From What God Has Planned For You

What can be stopping you from what God has planned for you?

promised landMoses was chosen by God and seemed like the perfect role model to receive all God had planned including getting to the promised land. He had labored and worked hard to get the Israelites out of Egypt. God chose him, equipped him and gave him the power to do miracles that astounded all to the point that the Egyptians literally paid the Israelites to leave their land with gifts.

At the end of all this Moses did not make it to the promised land. Most of us ponder on what went wrong, upon all his handwork he did not get to the promised land, Moses was not able to sway God or persuade him. All God did was to permit him to climb to the mountain top and take a look and see what the promised land looked like. How painful that must have felt? Just a peep.

Have you ever thought about what stopped Moses from getting into the promised land?

We could guess that maybe Moses was angry? or took matters into his own hands to do what he thought God wanted. The action that made God bar Moses from the promised land was that he struck the rock a second time when God asked him to speak to the rock. (Exodus 17:6; Numbers 20: 7-11)

You must ask yourself what could stop you from your promised land? or what is stopping you from what God has planned for you. Everyone has a promised land that God wants to lead you to and there could be several things that could threaten to  stop you from getting there.

  • Character – could your character be stopping you from entering the promised land? Perhaps you need to work on your morals? or are there other character flaws, anger issues that you need to work on before God can fully take you where you are to go. God is not the one limiting you rather your internal issues could limit you from getting where you should go.
  • What people think – Could you be limiting yourself because you are so concerned by what people think about you? Some people can be so hindered by what people think about them that they do not act. Not everyone will be happy with your progress so why do you think that everyone will celebrate you or your success. It is important to obey God and to follow his will for your life so you can fulfill your purpose. Keep your eyes on your promised land and work and walk to get there.
  • Low self esteem – some people have been battered by what people think of them or what people have said or done to them that they just don’t think they can achieve their promise from God. God has promised that “eyes have not seen, ears have not heard, nor the heart of man imagined all that God has planned for you”. If you don’t have the confidence and self- esteem to step into what God has planned for you, you are stopping yourself. God word needs to ring louder than your fears or what man says.
  • Staying stuck in an old place – God is the same yesterday, today and forever more, however he can change the way he wants you to do things. The second time around God only asked Moses to speak to the rock, but he struck the rock instead. Yes he had struck the rock in the past and water flowed but this time God said speak to the rock. It is important not to box God into a pattern and think that you know how he wants you to do something. When God through his love gives you direct instructions you must obey it and not act out what you feel.
  • Giving up in crisis – Crisis builds character, just as fire determines what things are made of. Things made of wood burn up but that made of gold gets refined in the fire. This is also how it is with people – crisis reveals your character. Do you crumble under crisis? Do you give up and have a pity party? God cannot use this, God did not say we  would not face challenges what he promised is that he will never leave nor forsake us and will be your help in times of trouble, he is your present help, healer and protector. So if you face a bump in the road, look up and keep moving.
  • Not using things to your advantage – Though it is not mentioned much we can probably imagine that the time Moses had spent growing up in Egypt played to his advantage when he was sent back there to do the impossible and save his people. He knew their customs, language and way of life, imagine what an advantage this must have been for him to harness. What advantages through your life and experience do you have that rather than harness you waste.

We all need to do our part, God will not leave us without direction, he has given us his word and his promises to give us a future, hope and an expected end. We are meant to press into Gods word and will for our lives, we are meant to work on our character, be people with integrity and walk in power. Don’t stop yourself from getting to your promised land, what God has planned for you and the dream that God has placed on her heart and in your mind.

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