How Cartoon Games Fascinate the Kids

There’s not a great deal of difference between cartoon games and cartoons – except that in the former you get to play with your favourite characters as well as enjoying their antics. Online gamers can be truly fascinated by the colourful antics of their favourite characters when they play as them – just as fascinated, if not more so, than when they watch!

Obviously if there are young gamers in the house, a few precautions should be taken to ensure they have a safe gaming experience. Don’t let your children play on sites where there are chat rooms, or sites that require some form of credit or debit card detail as “identification”. The simplest way to do this is to set the parental guidance lock on the computer, so you know what kind of sites your youngsters are able to access – though even here, hackers and programmers are able to find their way around some controls, so be vigilant.

Cartoon games are highly unlikely to contain content that parents don’t want their children to be exposed to – though some may be less suitable for younger users, particularly if they involve fighting. As a general rule, though, any cartoon that your children enjoy is a safe bet for a game – as noted, there’s not a lot of difference between the two.

The young online gamer may wish to play simple games at first – though the chances are good that children are much better versed in online gaming than adults are! Younger people have grown up in a completely connected world, and as digital natives have inherently developed skills for using new technologies and understanding the controls and rules of various nine games.

There are few variations on the basic gaming themes with cartoon games – the fascination lies in the fact that favourite cartoon shows and characters have been transposed onto the familiar gaming environments. Indeed, in some ways it can confidently be claimed that the core fascination in seeing a Batman game, or a Scooby Doo game, for the first time is the same fascination you would get if you saw your dad playing football for Manchester United. It’s a much loved and familiar character doing something unexpected but something you love to be involved with!

There are plenty of cartoon games to choose from, allowing the young online gamer to play with the characters he or she is most familiar.

The depths of a child’s obsession can be epic. When a cartoon makes a hit, it really makes a hit – as witness the success of Ben 10 Ultimate Alien, or the continued love of the nation’s children for Scooby Doo and his crazy friends. Actually getting to play at being those characters turns obsession into fascination – which means rainy days go a whole lot quicker!

No-one is suggesting that a bored child be plonked down in front of a computer screen as a default setting. But if he or she is a fan of a particular cartoon, then cartoon games based on that show can educate, entertain and inform.

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