How safe are your children on the internet? Attend a Parents Cyber Safety Seminar

Could you decipher it? 
Do you understand the language young people “speak”, the “friends” they make, who they “follow” and who literally “follows” them? Are you living with social media or a social menace?

From sexting and cyber bullying to  cyberstalking and trolling, several dangers lurk in the exciting, albeit educational world of the internet and your children often unwittingly expose themselves, you, your family or even your business to some things you may love, and several things you will loathe! 

So how can we help them manoeuvre safely in the faceless digital world called Cyberspace? 
It could be on Facebook, Twitter, Myspace, Instagram, YouTube and much more. This can be a murky playing field, and its evolving; it’s here to stay and it certainly requires our collective attention.”

Ø  DATE – Friday 27th September, 2013,
Ø  VENUE – Radisson Blu Hotel, Ozumba Mbadiwe Street, Victoria Island. 
Ø  TIME – 6pm – 9pm
Ø  SPECIAL GUEST – Adebiyi Fatai Mabadeje, Lagos State Hon. Commissioner for Science & Technology
Ø  GUEST SPEAKER  – Mike Saunders, CEO Digitlab South Africa. 
Ø  PANELIST: – Aduke Gomez (A parent who is also Chairperson, Lagos  State Children’s Carnival and SSA to Lagos State Government On Tourism) 
– Wunmi Ogunbiyi  (A parent who is also GM, Zenith Bank Plc and a digital tech buff)        
–  Chukwuemeka Fred Agbata Jnr. “CFA” – (A  parent who is also CEO,   CFA Leverage, a digital media and ICT consulting company)

Protect Children Online

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