technology and parenting lagosmums

How Technology Helps With Modern Day Parenting

As a parent, you will agree that technology can make the task of parenting easier. The act of parenting is definitely a full-time job. It requires all the attention and energy one can muster. As an expectant mother, bringing up children effectively is certainly not for the feeble or the faint at heart. Children need undivided attention from their parents, especially in the early years.

From feeding, clothing, education and in fact the general well being of children, parents are responsible for all. Making adequate provisions in all these aspects without failing in any usually defines what excellent parenting is. Also, not paying attention to a certain aspect can be detrimental to all other aspects.

Parenting has always a been a tough role,  however Modern day parenting seems more demanding than ever. Demanding jobs, traffic, expenses and so much more makes the twenty hours in a day seem inadequate.

technology and parenting lagosmums
Technology and modern-day parenting

Raising children in this generation is certainly different from when you were being raised. One of the biggest changes can be attributed to technology and the digital age.

Parents are sometimes skeptical about adopting technology in their parenting roles. The dark sides of technological innovations sometimes overwhelm parents and leave them doubting if the positive sides of technology are worth it. But there are so many reasons to embrace the positives of technology in making parenting easier.

Considering all of these expectations of effective parenting, finding means of making the task easier will be of utmost interest to you as a parent to be. You will be quick to lean in into any discussion concerning how to multitask more effectively.

How does technology help effective parenting?
Technology aids faster financial transactions

In this new age, the invention of the mobile banking app enables you to make financial transactions easily.  Years back, parents usually have to send money to their children through friends and relatives who make a journey to their children’s location. The story is definitely different now, as a parent, the least of your worries is sending money to children wherever they may be. Distance is no longer a barrier; neither is losing the money in transit a problem.

Performing your duty as parents are less stressful in this aspect. You do not need to visit your bank to make a quick transfer of funds. Installing your mobile banking app saves you a lot of time.

Furthermore, technology allows you to pay bills faster. You can order groceries, pay cable bills, electricity bills and other maintenance bills without stepping out of your house. In addition with different verified online stores, you can buy everything right on your phone or computer.

Technology keeps communication with your children effective

Communicating with your children is more effective with the aid of technology. With the demands of the modern family being with your children around the clock is impossible.

Technological inventions like Whatsapp, Facebook, Twitter, Google Hangout, etc makes it easy for you to communicate with your children. In fact, with special features like video calls, private chats, and having family groups, enhancing communication appears effortless. These tools allow you to bond with your children even in the midst of your busy schedule. You can drop them messages prior to your busy time. Also, from their personal updates on these chat applications; you can deduce what your children are up to. Lastly you can know their location with check-in features of some of these applications.

Technology aids learning  

Children sometimes complain about learning in school as being boring. While teachers do all they can do to change such a situation, parents through technology can help their children learn in a fun way. With many educational channels on youTube, children are exposed to an array of material to learn.

Children can pick up extracurricular activities ranging from learning how to cook, to sewing or decorate, all online. In addition, Still on school work, they can watch videos from various tutors, thereby learning the same thing from a different perspective.

Google is another amazing resource that aids learning. Guiding your children on the proper usage of Google exposes them to unlimited access to knowledge. They can search and learn on any topic or discuss it. Google as a search engine brings out all necessary information in the form of articles, news, videos and images on the searched item.

Technology helps with time management

With inventions like Google Calendar, you can effectively manage your time. You can quickly schedule meetings and events. You can also get reminders about upcoming events at school or doctors appointments and keep track of important activities. Time management tools such as these help you go about your daily activities and parenting responsibilities.

As an expectant mum, you can schedule your estimated date of delivery, antenatal dates, workout schedules etc.

With its many advantages, you should consider adopting technology as an effective means of making parenting easier.

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