How To Get The Perfect Baby Shower Gifts

A baby shower is a good way to welcome an expecting mum to motherhood. Baby showers are fun events especially for women, and women no matter the age.

A baby shower is a celebration of motherhood as well as celebrating the anticipated birth. It is typically a way to celebrate the mum to be and to have fun before the baby is born. Another main goal of the baby shower is to help with the expenses by giving the expectant mum various items she will need for baby.

The ideal date to hold a baby shower is about one to two months before the baby arrives. This is also a good lead-time for the expecting mother to shop around for items for the infant that has been missed in the gift giving.

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Perfect Baby Shower Gift

A thoughtfully chosen baby shower gift will be cherished, both for the sentiment attached to it, and the need it is likely to fill. Whether you prefer something unique and creative or take the practical road, the vast collection of baby shower gifts and baby gift baskets available, will provide you with just the right idea. [Read: Expectant Mum Shopping List]

Gift Baskets

Gift baskets are popular. These could be themed and include a variety of items.
Bathtubs, linen, infant accessory baskets, toy bins, hampers. While baby showers are dedicated to motherhood, it would also be a good idea to give gifts to the baby that fathers would appreciate like bibs and linen with an “I love my dad” on it.

Baby Furniture

If you want to contribute a big ticket item to the baby nursery, help with the crib, crib mattress, and other big items such as a changing table or rocking chair. In this case, however, it will be a good idea to find out exactly what is needed. Make sure you ask and be sure that what you buy fits in with the nursery décor. Is the style classic, traditional or more contemporary. Any crib also has to meet the required. If you are unsure, a gift certificate may even be in order, allowing the prospective parents to make their own choice. A little tip would be to get a crib that can grow into a toddler bed.

Baby Traveling Items

Another quite expensive, must-have item for every newborn, is a quality car seat.
This is a baby shower gift that will be used almost daily for a number of years.
Other items in this category, are strollers and baby carriers for the parents to easily carry baby on the move.

Baby Nursery

If you know what the theme in the nursery will be, you can buy suitable bedding as a baby shower gift. Adorable bedding sets are available, to suit every possible theme and color scheme. Choose basic bedding sets that can either range from plain sets, to cute characters, to cars and trucks, to sea-life themes. More extravagant sets cover items such as curtains, lamps, wallpaper borders, diaper bags, mobile and many other extras.

Baby General Needs

Search for baby gift baskets with quality items no nursery can be without, such as pacifiers, bibs, soothers, lotions and potions, hooded towels, mealtime necessities, and all those little things come in very handy. A baby high chair could be a great gift as well.

Nurturing Little Minds

A wide variety of gift ideas target development, and the stimulation of senses. These include educational toys, music cd’s and videos. A playard, bouncer, bassinet are all great items to keep baby occupied and secure. Gifts that encourage babies to learn new words, and create an awareness of colour and size concepts are welcome to any new parents.

Toys And Baby Clothing

Toys and adorable baby clothing are always a winner for any baby shower gift. No baby has ever complained about having too much of these. Clothing should be neutral colours if you do not know the sex of the baby, colours like yellow and green would work. Also, since babies outgrow their clothes pretty fast, it is advisable to get baby clothes in multiple sizes.

Manual BreastPump

Yes every brestfeeding mum would want a breast pump to pump and store breast milk on the go. While an electric breast pump is faster and more powerful, the reality is that electricity is not always available and a mum does not want to be stuck! So get a breast pump that also uses batteries

Pamper Soon To Be Exhausted Parents

While the main focus at a baby shower is on the baby, a considerate ‘extra’ may be a gift for the soon to be parents. Gifts such as chocolate, bubble bath, scented candles, and other pampering products. Your gift will be remembered with fondness and
gratitude. In the end, it is not how much you spend that matters. What is important, is the

In the end, it is not how much you spend that matters. What is important, is the thought
that went into the baby shower gift.

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