How To Guide And Help Kids Achieve Their Dreams

Kids also have dreams!!

Being a kid comes with so much excitement, optimism, and possibilities. They believe that anything is possible and they are willing to put their minds to it. Parents should, therefore, strive to encourage their kids to dream big, guide and also help them live their dream. By so doing, you will help them believe in themselves and that anything is possible.

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Some days back, Naomi Osaka was trending on twitter. She is a 21-year-old professional tennis player who represents Japan. She is the reigning champion in women’s singles at the US Open and the Australian Open. Osaka is currently ranked No. 1 by the Women’s Tennis Association (WTA). She is the first Asian player to hold the top ranking in singles. and she has won three titles and reached five finals on the WTA Tour.

I am left to think, what if she did not have parents who are supportive of her dream?
Gone are the days when parents force their choices on kids, now is the time to support, guide and help them live out their dreams.
Here are some tips on how to guide and help kids live out their dreams.

1) Talk to them

One of the most effective ways to help kids live out their dreams is by talking to them. It is what you know that you can act on. As adults, you think differently. Ask questions, talk and reason with your kids, let them know that it is valid to dream big. Also, assure them of your support.

2) Invest in their hobbies

Oftentimes, hobbies end up becoming a long term dream for kids. Invest in their hobbies, allow them to engage in creative games and activities. If your kid loves singing, buy things such as a microphone, guitar and other things that would encourage him/her to keep at it. Feed your kid’s imaginations. Explore with them and help them discover what is possible.


3) Help them manage failure

Parents should endeavor to focus on the process, not the outcome. A setback is not enough to give up, help your kids pick themselves back up and start all over. Remind them of their initial goals, successes, and dreams so that they are motivated to keep going.


4) Lead by example

Inasmuch as you try to find out your kid’s dreams, also live out your dream as parents. Share your dream with your kids, invest in your dream and also strive to achieve it. This will serve as motivation for your kids.

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