7 Ways To Show Love To Your Children

7 Ways to show love to your children

It’s unarguable that showing children you love them is the best way to teach them the concept of love. Show them how to love and make them experience what being loved feels like. For them to grow up to be loving, secured, confident and optimistic people, parents should raise their children in an environment where they often feel loved, cared for and understood.

With a show of love from parents, our children will learn to talk about hard topics and learn how to listen, and we will learn what life lessons we need to teach our kids as they grow. They will be able to form healthy positive relationships on their own. Today we share a few practical points on ways to show your children you love them.

1. Tell them you love them and praise them often

This sounds obvious. But you can never tell someone you love them too often. Everybody loves to hear that they are important, and that they are doing things that make you happy. Think about the last time you praised your child for doing something right instead of scolding him for doing something wrong. That praise reinforces to your child that they are loved.

2. Listen to Them

What is love if we cant pay attention to our children? Learn to see things from their perspective. Make eye contact and listen to what your child is telling you. You will make her feel important and loved by focusing on her completely while she is telling you a story or asking for advice.

3. Spend Quality Time

We can’t stress this enough. No matter how stressed, tired and busy we may be, our children need our undivided time and attention. More often than not, children who lack time and attention would resort to doing things which would get their parents’ attention, like bullying.

4. Empathize With Them

Every time your child expresses anything, that’s an opportunity to connect. Just empathize..”You sound disappointed”…”It sounds like you wish..””..It’s exciting, isn’t it?” When you welcome your child’s emotions, you’re giving him the help he needs to learn to manage them: “You’re sad that you can’t stay up with the big kids. It’s OK to cry. Let’s read an extra book tonight so we can snuggle longer and help you feel better.” READ: [Teaching Teenagers Love & Respect in A Digital Age]

5. Physical Touch

A constant loving gesture such as a hug, kiss, a tap on the shoulder, a pat on the back, stroking the hair or touching their cheek will never fail to offer a warm assurance of love from the parents. This will make our children conscious as well of being too physical and rough to the point of hurting others.

6. Get Them Involved

Let them make some household decisions. Allow your children to pick out things, help plan family outings or choose where the family is going out to eat or what to have for dinner. Include them in travel plans. All of these things help create memorable family experiences. And any time your kids are remembering a fun time you had together, it reinforces the idea that you love and adore them.

7. Encourage Them

Instead of pushing your kids to do things you want them to do, give them the space and the encouragement to pursue their own passions and dreams. Talk to them about things they are interested in, and find ways to help them learn more about whatever makes their hearts sing. You’ll instill self-confidence as well as an overwhelming feeling of love. READ: [What I Know About Love]


How have you been showing your children you love them? Do you have any tips for showing love to children? Share with us and other mums in the comment boxes below.

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