kechi okwuchi

Nkechi Okwuchi Wows The World With Her Voice

A Sosoliso plane crash that claimed the lives of students on their way to school had one lucky survivor who has the world talking. She was a student of Loyola Jesuit College, a boarding high school in Abuja, and was on her way home for the holiday when the crash occurred. She was one of the only two surviving victims of the plane crash.

Nkechi Okwuchi one of the survivor’s has a beautiful voice which has now amazed the judges at America’s Got Talent show.

Nkechi Okwuchi impressed the judges and audience at the “America’s Got Talent” show, with her emotional rendition of Ed Sheeran “Thinking Out Loud” song. She shared that after the crash and not being able to move or do anything, singing was her escape from the pain.

She has gone on to live her life and excel after the unfortunate incident many years ago. 10 years after surviving the horrific accident, she had graduated First Class from St. Thomas University, Texas, and was inducted into six academic honor societies.

The most outstanding student in Economics, she was accepted into graduate school for her MBA and chosen to give the commencement address to the Class of 2015 at her school.

Kechi has had more than 100 surgeries, including skin grafts in the U.S. as a result of burns all over her body. Despite these challenges, she has not stopped reaching for greatness. Kechi’s story is one of perseverance and determination.

Her voice is beautiful and we wish her the very best in everything that she does!

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