LagosMums: Flared Dresses are A Must Have

TGIF!!! We decided to dive into the world of flared outfits and flared Dresses caught our attention. Flared dresses are so popular these days; it can be worn by women of all ages and body sizes! And it’s not just because of its cute fitting, flattering figure cuts, and its ability to help you pull off that ‘elegant’ look you desire.

Flared dresses are very comfortable, can be worn in different colours, day or night, and for any occasion. So whether you’re clueless and you don’t have an inkling on what to wear to work or just something casual to play, you’ll definitely love the look!!! So what are you waiting for? Hurry down to the stores and get one now!!



Look 1: This floral print, bright coloured flared dress is so simple and comfy, it can be worn any day and for any occasion.



Look 2: Flared dresses are so indispensable, so next time you run out of options then you should consider rocking this kind of outfit.



Look 3: Monica Awe looking classy!! Statement shoes and bags gives a smart statement about your look; it’s good to make sure it compliments once outfit.



Look 4: This simple, classic dress is good to go!!! It can be worn to the office, church, or any get-together.



Look 5: Latasha knows what works well for her!!!Nothing more to say because this outfit says it all!!!

The whole idea of the flared dresses is to be comfortable and sexy at the same time, as it is tight up and free downwards and they are also perfect for the different types of shapes/body sizes,so just get the appropriate size for your body type and you are ready to go.

Which look do you like?

  • Look 1
  • Look 2
  • Look 3
  • Look 4
  • Look 5


Source: Kamdora

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