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As a luscious Lagos Mum, looking stylish, elegant and effortlessly smart is our first priority, and the off shoulder pieces work to give you that fashionable look you crave for.

With tons of different kinds of pieces out there, there are so many ways to incorporate the off shoulder outfit into your wardrobe. As it turns out, off-the-shoulder tops are actually quite versatile, depending on the accessories they paired with.

They can be dressed up or be made to look super casual. They expose a little skin without being too in-your-face sexy and they work for everyone, regardless of individual style differences.

From Floral prints, Cotton material to gorgeous looking colours and styles, we have got trending and awesome inspired looks just for you to try out!


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Moinca Awe-Etuk of Awedbymoni

Look 1: This floral Print “Off shoulder” dress is perfect for brunch outings and lunch dates. The pink purse is the ultimate summer highlight ?


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Stella Uzo of Jadore Fashion

Look 2: Hot for the weekend! When Jumpsuit meets Fringe we get the perfect weekend outfit.


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Priscilla of PrissySavvy

Look 3:  Skirts have a way of bringing out a lady’s femininity especially these flared flirty skirts. They are definitely a must have for all yummy Lagos mums.


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Azuka Ogujiuba

Look 4: Editor at THISDAY, Azuka Ogujiuba is serving some major weekend vibes in this in Ankara top from Rocobrand, denim and pink sneakers


off shoulders 1.jpg 6


Look 5: Fun, flirty and sexy. The straw hat.


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Triena Deniese / Instagram: @trienadeniese

Look 6: This casual off shoulder is a *Yes* for me because it is simple and it looks comfortable.


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Source: Kamdora

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