LagosMums and Layers (Jacket)

TGIF then the weekend! No more early morning rush away routines.

Thinking of what to wear or clueless on how to rock any of your jackets? not to worry because I have got tips on how to rock your outfit with this wear on.

The point is, anyone can get away with wearing a jacket, you don’t need a certain type of attitude, or dress a certain type of way before rocking it. Jackets look good with anything and everything, whether you’re toughening up a floral dress or going for a family reunion, all-black ensemble, or wearing it on a Denim.

As Lagos mums we know that you are a trendsetter and love creating fashion statements, that is why we decided to draw your attention to this kind of outfit to showcase your sense of style. Just go easy on the colour combos and accessories to avoid distracting people from the details on the wear on.



Look 1: This two buttoned jacket paired with a classy short gown gave her a gorgeous look, this is corporate and can be worn to the office, church, business meeting etc.


Jacket 2

Look 2: The Leopard skin Jacket incorporated with this shirt and denim jeans spiked up everything taking the outfit to another level. The pointed toes shoes complimented it too.



Look 3: This yellow Jacket says it all, made the outfit so on point.



Look 4: Don’t be afraid to mix colours. The trick is to keep the colours similar and still look good, the shoes and the bags gave it a sophisticated look.



Look 5: Fitted pants look right at home with a long blazer makes her look fly



Look 6: This outfit looks simple and sexy


Which Look do you Like?

  • Look 1
  • Look 2
  • Look 3
  • Look 4
  • Look 5
  • Look 6


Source : Kamdora

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