LagosMums VMA Inspired Looks

The much anticipated VMA’s held  last weekend and we are still thrilled by the different fashion we saw, and we will love to take a look at the winning fashion trends that graced the red carpet.


Bearing in mind that you can always get style inspirations from the fashionable women at the event and be ready to turn some of the outfits into yours with some inspiration.

As LagosMums whether you are planning to attend a 40th birthday party or you just need some style inspiration for your everyday outfit then you need not worry because we’ve gat your back!!

Enjoy our collection of the top 5 looks you too can rock!!


Look 1: This Blue outfit looks classic and is bae!!If you don’t like the strapless part you can touch it up a bit by wearing a jacket and then you are good to go.


Look 2: This sexy gown is dope!! wearing this for a cocktail, birthday celebration, dinner is not a bad idea. This kind of chic dress would give that ravishing look you want.


Look 3: This is a corporate outfit that could be totally worn to work but it must be complimented with either a chiffon shirt, cotton shirt, or and strapless top to get that desired look. I like the wide legged pant it so on point.


Look 4:  When red palazzo pant jumpsuit is everything, the crop top makes it looks unique and classy.


Look 5: This dress made me speechless!!! I love the way the length and the sleeves made it look great.

Source: Kamdora

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