Lagos State Sets School Resumption Date to January 18th

The Lagos state government announced on Monday, the 4th of January 2021; that private and public schools below the tertiary level in the state are now to resume on 18th January 2021. This is due to the second wave of COVID-19 outbreak in the state to ensure the safety of children and school personnel in the state. 

According to BBC Pidgin, the Commissioner of Education, Mrs Folashade Adefisayo states that this decision is in line with federal government directives and the second wave of the COVID-19 pandemic; and she implores all schools to comply with the COVID-19 guidelines for school resumption.

The commissioner also advised that schools adopt a flexible plan to allow students and teachers that are ill. In such cases, the should be allowed to learn and teach respectively via online means. Overall when it comes to school resumption date in Nigeria, it is critical that parents get information from the School and the NCDC

Update on Lagos State School Resumption Date in 2021

lagos state sets school resumption date

Use of protective face masks, maintaining physical and social distancing, washing of hands with soap and water thoroughly; and maintaining adequate personal hygiene is part of the essential guidelines to follow for schools that are resuming.

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How to keep your Child active at home

Pending the time of resumption and the uncertainty of the second coronavirus wave at this time; parents and guardians have a responsibility to keep their children/wards active ahead of school time.

Keeping them in touch with their studies is the best way to go about this; the digital world has many platforms to occupy them positively. As educating as the internet can be, it has distracting and negative features that can derail our children from academic success. As parents and educators, we would not want that for them.lagos state sets school resumption date

Parents and educators alike are scrambling to ensure that online learning continues during the coronavirus shutdown. According to a statement by the United Nations, school closures are “disrupting the education of 290.5 million students globally”. Schools across the globe including Nigeria have shut down to reduce the spread of the coronavirus.

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Children are now learning from home through online platforms due to the pandemic and lockdown. How can you help your children adjust to this new reality? While some children have been learning online already; this is a new experience for many others and they have some adjusting to do. Here are a few tips to prepare your child to learn online

Parents and school bodies should ensure the continuous safety of the children and students by maintaining guidelines and safety precautions. As well as, equipping them with safety items such as breathable face masks, hand sanitisers, and gloves.

We will keep you updated on the school resumption date in Nigeria.

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