Fashion Friday – LagosMums and Stylish Wrap Dresses!

It is exciting how fashion keeps evolving. Today, let’s take a look at the Wrap Dress!!! It is chic, stylish and can be worn for all occasions. Bonus point is that it can virtually flatter any body type. Thank goodness!

No other outfit can easily accomplish what the wrap dress can; it’s soft fabric hugs every curve while defining a waist to show off or create the illusion of an hourglass shape. The wrap dress is an absolute must for every wardrobe.

So whether you are getting down to serious business, attending an occasion with the family or cooling off with your girls, a wrap dress has got you covered.

They are available in numerous colors, prints, sizes, and styles; there’s one made for every woman. Another amazing benefit is that they are perfect for this hot weather especially when they are made from light materials.

See some fashion inspiration below

Wrap dress

Look 1: This Rhonkefella’s two face wrap dress is adorable. One can either choose to wear it the black side out or the white side out. Imagine showing up to two events in one day looking like you swapped clothes when you actually did not. Absolutely brilliant

Wrap Dress

Look 2: Lovely!! Ellamo looks simple and stylish in this outfit; Wrap dresses are one of the few fashion pieces that can easily cinch.

Wrap Dress

Look 3: Rita sure looks chic and elegant in this outfit.

Wrap Dress

Look 4: She’s such a style stunner in this number!! Love how it looks like Iro and Buba with a twist

Wrap Dress

Look 5: Pairing her wrap dress with the pumps sure made a difference.

Wrap Dress

Look 6: Your wrap dress can also come in the form of a cold shoulder, making it comfy and stylish for you.

So what are you waiting for!! Make sure you start simplifying your wardrobe with this style-staple.

Which look do you prefer? For more fashion inspiration, visit our Fashion category Source: Kamdora

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