LagosMums Family Painting Day

It was a lovely afternoon at the LagosMums Family painting day. Mums and dads came in with their little Picassos to create a masterpiece worthy to hang in their living room wall.

Getting ready to paint

The event took place at the newly opened minibees bakery in Lekki, which gave the welcoming aroma of freshly baked treats for the family.

Each child chose from a variety of canvases with an outline to paint on.


There were lots of squirting and paint splashing as the kids had fun mixing colours and brushing away on their work of art.

Painting a Star


our littlest Picasso


The dads were very involved as they helped to guide the little ones while they were painting.

Dad and I


My Masterpiece

Once done, each canvas was allowed to dry and packaged nicely to be taken home to that special room where it would be hung.

check out our wonderful work!

After a long day of fun everyone was treated to a nice box of pizza!

The family painting day not only gave children an avenue to express their creativity but also an opportunity for parents to have time to bond with the family and take time off their busy weekly schedules. It was a lovely day indeed and with all the positive feedback, we hope to have one again in the future.

Having fun after painting
Having fun after painting (and waiting for the painting to dry)


With the beautiful paintings
With the beautiful paintings Yay!

Remember to have fun with your children, take some mummy, daddy and me time and do something just for the fun of it. We cannot over-emphasise the importance of bonding time as a family. All the children had fun spending time being creative and getting to meet new friends as well.

Be on the lookout for the next family event. Be sure to visit the MiniBee’s bakery located at Cinnamon Mall located on Victoria Arobieke Street in Lekki Phase 1. Their pizza and pastries are awesome!

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