How To Live Abundantly

When you ask people how they are doing? the answers can and do vary. The answer you get to such a question can differ based on the day of the week, a Friday evening versus a Monday morning which typically goes with the Monday morning blues. Now ask a mum this question and you get a variety of responses but some of the common ones will be

  • Fatigued
  • Feeling unfulfilled in some way or the other
  • Struggling with raising children
  • Struggle between work life balance

The answers vary but it is a very small percentage of people will answer with a spring in their step, who answer the question of “how are you doing” with positivity and radiating with joy and satisfaction. Very understandably people are just trying to get by and are dealing with all the demands of parenthood, motherhood, marriage, work demands, weight challenges and lack of time.

So when you say Abundant Living series you must wonder what this is all about? There are a few people who understand what it means to live an abundant life. To achieve this there has to be the sense that you are living out your true purpose and that you are harnessing your real gifts and talents.

While we might know this, very few people truly know how to achieve this state nor know how to drill down to find their unique gift and talents before attempting to live a life that harnesses these gifts and talents. When people are living from inside out, life is a joy and the future is a series of steps towards a clear goal.

Women most especially run through life almost on an expected pathway – go through school, get married take on a new identity, have children and become a mum (no one can ever prepare you for this). Many women look back after 5 or 10 years of back to back mothering and are either happy or still feel unfulfilled even after having attained MRS status, might have a job or run a business.

“An Abundant life refers to life in its abounding fullness of joy, strength for the mind, body, and soul”.

The first step and the most critical step in living an abundant life and managing all the many different realities of a mum is knowing yourself, finding your purpose and understanding that you can and should strive to be all that you can be.

Many times we are told we should live a life of purpose, but it is not followed “by the how”. This is why LagosMums has put together an Abundant Living Series to encourage all women and especially mums who feel that they need to find themselves.

Abundant Living Series

The first session holds on March 13th 2016. To sign up to attend visit  to sign up and make payment to secure your spot. 

To confirm your seat do please make a payment of N10,000 into the LagosMums account Write “Abundant Living (Your Name)” as you transfer or make a deposit.

Account Details
Guaranty Trust Bank (GTB): 0142487577

Details of Event
Date: March 13th 2016
Time: 3 – 6pm
Venue: LaCour Hotel, 3 Cooper road  Ikoyi

You don’t want to miss this first class. Find your purpose, visualise the life you want, get rid of limiting beliefs and identify the steps needed to achieve your goals. You can do it! 


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