LagosMums How To Wear Wide Legged Pants

LagosMums here is some inspiration on how to wear wide legged pants.

wide legged pants 1Looking gorgeously dressed can pose to be a big deal at times especially for yummy mummies but not to worry we always bring you fantastic options and outfits just for you.

Wide leg pants are versatile and trendy. They are an excellent choice of bottoms for women. One thing about this trend is that you need to have the secret key to pulling it off which is confidence!

wide legged pants 1

Most times it’s all about the shoes, the truth is you can wear it to a cocktail party, office, cinemas, etc. as long as you can accessorize the right way.

Look 1: This Orange wide leg pant touched with the black lace top gives a classy look. Pairing it with the fringe suede shoe perfected it.

Rita Dominic
Rita Dominic

Look 2: Need I say anything about this look.It’s no wonder it made its way to our look of the day.

Rita Dominic
Rita Dominic

Look 3: This outfit looks simple and classy!

wide legged pants 1.jpg 5

Look 4: Chiffon tops have a way of complimenting one’s outfit, matching it with the wide leg pants is a great option.

Ella Mo
Ella Mo

Look 5: Due to its diversity, it comes in a jumpsuit. This off shoulder wide leg pants gave another stylish meaning to the jumpsuit, which looks incredibly gorgeous.

Which look do you like?

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