Mrs Yetty Williams

LagosMums Mum Of The Month- Mrs Yetty Williams

This month, we are celebrating our very own Mrs Yetty Williams – Founder and CEO LagosMums. She is a pretty amazing person, woman, friend, mum, wife and more. As our Mum of the Month, she shares her unique perspectives on motherhood and life in general in “40 things I’ve learnt at 40”. Read and be inspired.

Mrs Yetty Williams

“40 things I’ve learnt at 40”

On being unique and living your best life

1. Be flexible – Life is a journey that has many twists and turns.

2. Every gift and talent means something. We are all unique and have our specific gifts, talent and passions – nothing is a mistake.

3. Never put your ladder against someone else’s wall. Run your own race and live your own life. Be true to yourself. Do not do things to impress others, it won’t last.

4. Don’t be apologetic for who you are.

5. Focus on the things you are interested in, they are a nudge to what you are called to do. (This is especially true for students as they choose subjects and courses.) Don’t let people label you.

6. Keep a journal – It is a window into your past and a peep into your future

7. Do not stay stuck saying “this is just how I am” there is always room to be a better version of yourself.

8. Spend quality time on experiences not material goods

9. Follow your passion and allow it to manifest in different ways – Provision comes after obedience, if God puts something on your heart take a step of faith and obey

10. Have a vision for every area of your life – measure often and review often

11. Get rid of guilt – if you don’t like something change it.

12. Celebrate yourself

Mrs Yetty Williams
On health and lifestyle

13. Pray everyday and grow spiritually! This is the most important part of your day

14. Everything has a right time

15. Have an attitude of gratitude in all things

16. Your body will take you through your life – have a healthy lifestyle

17. Take your health seriously and pay attention to how you feel.

18. Spend time with yourself, knowing yourself and loving yourself and who you are before you say I Do

19. Having a husband and becoming a mother are wonderful blessings but they do not complete you. Only God can complete you – no human being can fill where God is meant to fill.

On family and motherhood

20. Family is important! Spend quality time with them.

21. Relationship with your spouse will only grow when you are intentional and are active in nurturing it.

22. Love is a choice! You have to show your love don’t just say it.

23. As a parent you might know your child the best, but you don’t have all the answers. Ask God for his wisdom and guidance.

24. Children do what you do more than what you say.

25. Spend time with your children having fun.

26. Have fun and laugh daily.

On relationships

27. Friendships are important, nurture them.

28. Detox your life of negative people – spend time with people who build you up and want the best for you.

29. Volunteer, give back, spend time doing things that will give you experience.

30. Forgive often – yourself and others.

Mrs Yetty Williams
On work life balance

31. Work Life Balance isn’t easy but it is possible – You need to know what balance looks like for you in every season.

32. Multi-tasking is a myth – try and do one thing at a time and do it well.

33. “I wish I had” is the brother of it’s too late – time waits for no one, take that step and do what you have in your heart to do!

On being a successful woman

34. Financial discipline and knowledge is an important skill to have – the ability to create wealth is a skill you must learn. Money doesn’t have a gender so as women do not outsource your financial health.  

35. Love learning and stay learning! Network, read, watch videos, sign up for courses. When you stay learning you stay relevant!

36. Explore the world – understand cultures and how people live. We are all so different but yet the same.

37. Read often – read books that entertain and educate. Study lives of various people, mentors and learn from them.

38. Embrace new technology and use it positively – Do not be adverse to change.

39. Have audacious and big goals! If they scare you, still do them – carefully build a network that helps you achieve your goals.


40. At 40 I know for sure that I am meant to live an abundant life; because the Lord came that we might live abundantly in every area. The Proverbs 31 woman is my ideal woman and mentor, she indeed was blessed abundantly.

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