LagosMums Mum of the Month – Xerona Phillips

Our Lagosmums mum of the month is Xerona Phillips. She is a mum to a wonderful daughter and an amazing wife to her husband. She is a lawyer, interior designer, and so much more, as she wears so many hats; we can’t keep up with this supermum. Read more about this amazing mum as she shares her passions and her motherhood experience so far.

Lagosmums mum of the month Xerona Phillips

Please tell us about yourself?

My name is Xerona Phillips. I studied law at the University of Nottingham and got my master’s degree from the University of Pennsylvania. I currently practice law at the law firm of Adepetun, Caxton-Martins, Agbor & Segun. At my core, I am a creative and this bubbles into everything I do, no matter how mundane. I explored this with music (I play the piano, guitar, saxophone and sing) and film (I studied Filmmaking and Production at the New York Film Academy). However, my favorite creative outlet is interior and architectural design.

Share one unexpected thing about you?

I am very intuitive and empathic. Particularly with people close to me, I can sometimes feel their emotions like my own.

Can you share all the hats/roles that you wear?

I am a wife, mother, daughter, big sister, little sister, aunty, friend, entertainment and intellectual property lawyer, interior designer

Tell us about your beautiful family.

Lagosmums mum of the month Xerona Phillips My husband, Derin, and I got married in November 2017 in a small civil ceremony with our parents and siblings, followed by a blessing and reception the following April 2018. Our daughter Derinsola joined our family in December 2018 and has been running the game ever since her birth.

2020 has been a year of ups and downs; what did learn through the course of the year?

Health and Family are everything

What are your goals for 2021?

Continue to build a strong family unit rooted in Christ

What has motherhood taught you about yourself?

Motherhood has taught me how strong I am, both physically and mentally.

Lagosmums mum of the month Xerona Phillips'Motherhood has taught me how strong I am, both physically and mentally' - LagosMums mum of the month, Xerona Phillips Click To Tweet

​What’s one thing you think your parents got absolutely right raising you that you would like to pass on as you bring up your own child?

Being considerate of other people’s needs and feelings

How do you balance work and parenting?

It’s tough, no matter which way you do it. A piece of advice that stuck with me is to prioritize tasks and events. Some days, an aspect of work might be of higher priority than parenting (e.g. a strict deadline versus bathtime). Other days, work has to take second place to Derinsola’s needs. I don’t think work and parenting can ever be perfectly balanced. They are both very important.

How important is a support system for a mum? Who is in your Tribe?

The mothers in my life – my mum, my mum in law, my daughter’s godmothers, and her “Aunty Mommy”. The women in my life are everything. However, I have to give major props to the men in my life, my husband especially. Sometimes, just having someone acknowledge your efforts and the sacrifices you make as a mother, makes a world of difference. Foot rubs don’t hurt either.

What kind of support do you have now?

I am very fortunate. I have the loving support of my family, my mothers and husband in particular. Also, I’m fortunate to work for a law firm that puts great emphasis on family and encourages its lawyers to have a healthy home life.

Use one word to describe one thing that should not be missing from every home?


Share one self-care tip. How do you relax and spend time on yourself?

Home facials and meditation. When I get some time to myself, I like to treat myself to a long home facial – facial steam, exfoliate, mask, the works. Sometimes life gets very overwhelming, especially when working from home with a very demanding toddler. I hate to lose my temper because I don’t like to hurt people’s feelings. Meditation is very helpful. I learned to step away from the situation and just breathe for a few minutes. I am always surprised at how well it works.

Can you tell us how you stay stylish and your beauty routine?

Thank you! I have a uniform. According to my husband, “I don’t like stress” and I love to be comfortable. I found that narrowing down the colours I wear (I avoid patterns and mostly stick to three colours) and having stylish staples I can get on the floor and play with my daughter yet wear to a meeting (or at least attend a Zoom meeting), saves me a lot of time, energy and frustration.

I keep my beauty routine simple – wash my face twice a day, followed by vitamin c serum and face lotion in the morning and Kiehl’s night time essential oil serum and night cream in the evening. The key thing is to massage your face for 60seconds while washing it for a more thorough cleanse. Also important, is to not pick or touch your spots. I am still working on that one!

What do you love about LagosMums?

I love how authentic and relatable LagosMums is. We’re all in this together!

#MumGoals Trivia

N1million or more sleep?


Go on a shopping spree or an all-expenses-paid trip to your top destination?

All-expenses-paid trip

Home-schooling or traditional school?

Traditional school. The social element of school shouldn’t be understated. I believe that as parents we need to be aware of what is going on at school (educational and social) and follow up at home.

A spa day or Eat out?

Spa day.

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