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LM Mum of The Month: Dr Nkechi Olalere

Meet our Mum of the Month: Dr Nkechi Olalere

LagosMums interviews Dr Nkechi Olalere, a mum, doctor, producer and wellness coach. Enjoy this exclusive interview with our mum of the month.

Mum of the Month

Please introduce yourself.

My name is Nkechi Olalere also known as Dr Ketch. I am the Executive Producer of two wellness shows: Tips for Healthy Living with Dr Ketch and The Dr Ketch Show. I am a medical doctor and have made interesting career choices in this field. I moved from Clinical Medicine to Health Insurance and then Public Health. The latter is what brought me to media where I use my TV platform to educate people, especially women and children about wellness issues.
Tell us about your journey from pregnancy to delivery. 

Well, I have made three of those journeys and each was uniquely different. In my first, I could hardly keep any food down and so practically kept alive on a diet of fruits (mangoes) and very spicy vegetable soup. In the second, I could tolerate food and ate quite a bit of it. The most dramatic part of this second pregnancy was arriving at the hospital lobby and having my waters break right there. Imagine standing around in a pool of water…well that was me! In my final pregnancy, I tried to do everything I missed out on in my first two pregnancies: dressing fashionably and screaming my heart out during labour!

What do you love about motherhood? What are the challenges?

Motherhood is the most heart-warming job of all times. I just look at my children and my heart warms all over. In the midst of a bad day or a seemingly hopeless situation, the smiles of my children make me realise that life has been very good to me. The challenge is really that of learning how to deal with different issues with each child. I learnt a lot with my first and still keep learning. She will always be the one with whom I experience a lot of things for the first time and so, as I learn from her, I try to make it easier implementing the learning points with her younger ones.

What scares you most about being a mother?Dr Kecth

When I had my first baby, it was the feeling of being entrusted with the task of moulding another human being’s life. I almost freaked out! Right now, I’m more scared of ensuring that I am modelling the right behaviour for them to emulate.

Any embarrassing moment as a mother?

Oh lots! I’ve probably lost the ability to feel embarrassed. The one that readily comes to mind was my first daughter’s first class party. I dressed her up in a lovely Cinderella gown with dress shoes etc. We then turned up in school and found everyone in T-shirt and jeans and they were all looking at us like ‘where are you all dressed up to go to?’

What are the top 3 skills LagosMums need?

Resilience, Patience and Focus

What is the funniest thing you have heard your child say?

I was in the very middle of smacking my son (don’t judge me, y’all) when he said, ‘Mum, violence is not the answer!’ That was so unexpected given the seriousness of the situation. I burst into laughter and that ended the smacking event.

What lessons have marriage thought you?

Patience and Politics

How do you balance working and family? Does the word “balance” still exist?

I focus on the serenity prayer. I change what I can and leave what I can’t.

How do you relax?

Lying in bed with a good book or watching my favourite shows.

What are your children’s’ names? Why did you give them these names?

My first is Omobolaji Ebubechukwu. Why? My husband wanted a unisex name (Omobolaji) such that people would never know from just hearing the name, if she was male or female. The second name (Ebubechukwu) came from my mum.

My second is Chidera Eniola. Again, the Eniola was given for the same reason as Omobolaji. Create suspense for whoever hears the name.

I named her Chidera (what God has written). I just woke up one day while pregnant with the name on my mind. I also wanted her to bear her Ibo name just so that people would always wonder at the combination of Ibo first name and Yoruba surname.

My last child, Olafisoye Chukwudumebi was named to reflect the fact that he comes from a royal family. His Ibo name came from me and means (God helps me to live). I have always loved that name and it was great to be able to name him that.

What makes LagosMums unique?

LagosMums is a great site with info about everything that affects a Lagos mum under one roof. That is unique.

What is your philosophy of life?

Dare to dream REALLY BIG and dare to go after and achieve it.

Share practical tips on how to balance it all? Can a mum have it all?

I think it’s all about prioritising. Loads of things need to be done but not all can be done at the same time. So, learn to focus on the priorities.

What is the difference between the way you were brought up and the way you are training your children now?

My children expect me to apologise if I mess up; I wouldn’t even know what to do, if my mum ever apologised to me when I was younger…probably wonder if she had a fever! We have a more open relationship with them than I had with my parents in a lot of ways…and I had a good relationship with my folks.

Are you a working mum? Or stay at home? What do you do?

I am a working mum. I run my own company…a wellness company called Northbound Consults Limited. We run Corporate Wellness Programs in companies and produce wellness content for cable and terrestrial TV.

How do you cope with nanny/help issues?

My children are not so young anymore and so I can choose to have the helps or not. Usually, when everyone is out, I don’t leave them in the house. I lock up and have them go to their quarters. When we get back, then they come in and start the day’s work…however much they can do.

What one thing do you think should never be missing from every home?


What do you want most for your children?

The grace of God in their lives and an early understanding of what they are called to do.

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