LagosMums Unconventional Valentine’s Day Gift ideas

Valentine’s Day gifting has been largely restricted by society to gifts between lovers and spouses see below some unconventional valentine’s day gift ideas that would work perfectly for the Mums in our lives.

1. Being in Lagos is hectic! So a book on how to simplify our lives would be  welcome (as long as we find the time to read it) “100 ways to simplify your life” by Joyce Meyer.

2. Yes she probably doesn’t need another handbag in her closet, but this is a different one! This LYDC Square Neon Purse is stylish, fun and an unexpected addition to the collection.

3. Make packing her lunch fun with these Master Chef brightly coloured food flasks.

4. Givenchy comes in with a bang! Make her wonder if its a perfume or a music player with this Givenchy Play Intense for Her Eau De Parfum . And it does smell wonderful!

5. Nintendo Wii can be used to exercise, to dance (there’s not always time to go to the gym) its also a great way to have fun with the whole family and friends

6.Nothing brightens a room more than an amazing artwork! Give her this lovely hibiscus oil canvas painting to brighten up her space.

Valentine ’s Day 2014 is the perfect time for you to do something different, think out of the box, surprise your mum with a gift for valentines this year.

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