What Type of Midterm Mum are you?

It is mid-terms and the children have a week or a few days off from school, what type of Mid-term Mum are you? Do you keep them busy or leave them to rest; or perhaps you are somewhere in between?


Take it easy Mum

This is time for them to recharge and relax, and let the children stay at home. They can wake up when they want, and go to bed when they want. They need to relax and take time off from the grind of going to school every day. Their mid-term activity is no activity.

Hangout Mum

This is the time to hang out with friends and cousins because it is hard to squeeze in enough play-dates during the school year. So this midterm mum will make sure the children will go and visit Kumbi on the other side of town and some friends from their old school. For this mum, Mid-term days are full of planning playdates and on who is coming over.

Always got to be learning Mum

The children are booked at a mid-term camp! Let them go and hang out and mix with children from other schools. Probably pick up other skills from the camp like arts and crafts, sewing, cooking, chess, robotics, building an app etc.

Lesson Teacher Mum

Time to call in the lesson teacher to “coach” the children. Time to brush up on weak areas or any area that needs refining before the second half of the term and exams roll around. There is nothing wrong with them being ahead of the class.

Get out of Lagos Now Mum

Are you the Midterm Mum who has booked the departure flight for the same night the mid-term break begins? Always ready to get out of town with the children the moment she gets.

Fun-loving Mum

For the fun-loving mum, it is time for fun, to visit places around Lagos like the Lekki Conservatory, and Ikeja City Mall. Time to go out eating at  Johnny Rockets, or to get pizza. There are lots to do and so many movies to see. A movie and activity are selected for every day till the midterm is over.

Domestic Mum

With no school to disturb the day the children will wake up early every day and make breakfast for the whole family, do laundry, do the grocery shopping and do all the other domestic work possible. This mum doesn’t play when it comes to making sure the children learn how to do things around the house. 

Career-focused Mum

this is a great time for the children to gain some work experience, so off to an internship already hand-picked. One week is enough to learn some necessary office skills and get exposure to a career. Thinking of maybe becoming a doctor? off to Dr Marian’s clinic for the week.

Daycare Mum

Turns the house into daycare, and asks everyone to drop the children over at her house. Loves to entertain children and keep them busy with fun things to do. Time to bake banana muffins with smarties toppings!

Which of these midterm mum types describes you? 

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