Which Type of Mum Are You?

Read this article on Motherhoodinstyle about the ideal types of mum friends you should have depending on which type of mum you are. Below are 11 types of mums that you should consider having within your circle of friends, some friends can be a combination of more than one type. Read on..types of mums

1. Oh! You Too? Mum

She’s going through what you are currently experiencing. You probably met her at the hospital during antenatal, when you were out shopping or during school runs. You both get talking and the rest is history. She gives you a sense of comradeship, fellow mum-soldiers pressing forward, expanding the frontiers for motherhood. Tell her what you have been doing about that nagging problem that you both share, listen to her suggestions, exchange numbers and promise to call, you know, to rub minds further and chat about other things besides parenting.

2. Fitness Mummy

This one is a buff for staying fit. She’s loves her joggers and sneakers, always looking trim and talking about “the other day at the spa…,” it’s no wonder her clothes always fit perfectly. You had better go and get your own joggers and sneakers because she won’t give up trying to drag you along for aerobics on Saturday morning and you will do well to follow her one of these days. What if there’s no time? Oh come on! Make time because you will be better for it.

3. Stylish Mummy

She’s a cat-walking artwork of fabric and fashion flare. Even when she’s strapped with a baby carrier or towing a toddler, colours match and people are delighted to feed their eyes on the pleasant display. She’s the type that knows the right shade of colours that suit you. She knows how to look good on a budget and knows where to get affordable quality fashion accessories. You need a friend like this around you who will give you free fashion consultation that will give your fashion sense a boost!

4. Spiritual Mummy

She’s the one that places emphasis on spiritual growth and development for everyone around her including you. It is usually better to have one that shares the same spiritual beliefs with you. Believe it or not, everything that happens in the physical first happens in the spiritual and so being spiritually active will help you cope with the inevitable hassles of motherhood and life in general.

5. Inspiration Mum

You always look forward to talking with her type because she looks past all your limitations and makes you feel like a Super-mum and more. Oh well, at least she makes you believe that you can be that. She has got the right quotes, anecdotes and analogies that make you go ‘why didn’t I think of that?’ She inspires you to dream and be a goal getter.

She is interested in your passion, wants to see you fired up, working with and around your mummy duties and being all that you could ever aspire to be.

6. Down-For-Whatever Mummy

The down-for-whatever friend is that no-holds barred type of mum. She would give the frank talk when the occasion calls for it and a fun date to bring you out of your gloom or just get that so much deserved rest from the stress of work.  After giving you a ‘fantabulous’ day of excitement, she’s the type to dismiss your expressions of gratitude with an ‘anytime, girl’ type of reply.

7. Google Mummy

What about the ask-me-anything type of friend? She makes it her business to know everything that has to do with parenting and growing children. She is not sure if it will work but she knows what it’s all about. She knows where the latest artificial insemination clinic is, what the average weight of a new born baby is and how to operate the new breast milk expressing machine. She’ll save you from a lot of panic and misinformation.

8. P.T.A. Mummy

It’s imperative that you get a mummy friend who has a child in the same school as your child’s. In fact, such relationships are almost inevitable because one mother is sure to select you as her own P.T.A. mummy friend if you don’t select one. They can keep you up to date on the goings-on in your child’s school and even help you keep an extra copy of the new school curriculum they handed out at the last P.T.A. meeting you missed. Your kids can study together and both families can hang-out and develop a mutually beneficial relationship.

9. Veteran Mummy

This is that mother that has been there and done that. Her children are probably undergraduates or working class. She is the one you go to for advice on how to talk to your deviant teen child after administering some sort of punishment.  The difference between Google mummy and Veteran mummy is that Google has intelligence, head knowledge she got from research while Veteran has experiential knowledge or wisdom. Veteran mummy is the sage, the shoulder to cry on and the source of strength to know that you can make it through the storms of parenting or motherhood.

10. Not-Yet-Mummy

She might be younger or age-mates, single or married, craving to give birth, care for and carry her own baby or not. You can be her own veteran mummy friend that tells her the joys and pains of motherhood. Then again, she can be the one that gives you a much needed break from the smothering mothering worries that take up most of your waking hours. Depending on her disposition towards parenting, tailor your conversations around her social and spiritual life. This way, she won’t feel like an alien with your constant chatter of “oh, my daughter this…” and “ah, my son that…” She’ll remind you of your fun pre-mummy days and make you feel young again.

11. The Man Friend

Last on the list and far from the least is the man-friend. We know that men see things differently from women. Every mother needs to have a man’s perspective and influence in bringing up her child whether male or female. For married women, this man should be your husband though some people will advocate for another man who will keep an objective view as opposed to the emotional influences of the biological dad.

Single mothers need this type of friend even more than their married counterparts. This is solely for the holistic upbringing of your child or children. This friend could even be your brother; just a male with an objective view who can mentor your children.

Knowing the type of individual you are should inform the type of mum friends you need to balance out your life. So which type of mum are you?

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