LagosMums Yummy Mummys in Roksanda Illicic

The name Roksanda Illicic  may not ring a bell to many of us. But, the Serbian-born London designer, has definitely carved a niche for herself in the fashion world over the last decade.

The architect turned designer made her first appearance at the London Fashion week in 2005. Her designs till date has continued to shape the fashion industry and earned the loyalty of powerful women like Michelle Obama, Kate Middleton to name a few.

You  may wonder what all this has got to do with you!! Well, apparently a lot! One of our jobs here at Lagosmums is to help you maintain being a ‘yummy mummy’, by feeding you with all the latest in fashion and also designs that speak elegance, class, and also attitude.   

See some fashion inspiration below.

LagosMums Roksanda
Yummy Mummy Melanie Brown

Roksanda Look 1: Melanie Brown

Duchess of Cambridge

Roksanda Look 2: Duchess of Cambridge. Kate is truly a yummy mummy

Michelle Obama Yummy Mummy
Michelle Obama

Roksanda Look 3: Michelle O’ Bombshell

Michelle Obama LagosMums
Michelle Obama slays again

Roksanda Look 4: Michelle Obama

Melaine Trump LagosMums
Melaine Trump Yummy Mummy

Roksanda Look 5: Melania Trump

So if you have an upcoming event and need to find ‘that dress’. You can definitely take a few lessons from Roksanda’s well-crafted designs which range from color blocking to fitted trousers there is a look for you! So be sure to leave a lasting impression. We just hope you are ready for all the attention. *winks*

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