Learn The Fun Way With Gotv

Parents! Kids are at home and you wonder what you can do to keep them

We have great news for you as GOtv has so many shows to keep your
children’s minds stimulated and engaged from home.

Every weekday, they can join Arthur, the animals at Word World and
Pinkylicious to learn about reading, spelling, exploring the arts and developing
their creativity on PBS Kids Channel 65.

On Davinci Kids Channel 66, let them explore the world of biology with Dr
Chris and Dr Xand on Operation Ouch and journey with Mikaela as she
discovers interesting fun occupations from astronauts to chocolate makers to
lawyers on When I grow up.

GOtv has many more shows just to make sure that your children learn the fun

They can also sit back with exciting shows on Cartoon Network, Nickelodeon,
Disney Jnr. & Jim Jam.

And that’s not all! GOtv Max, Jolli and Plus subscribers are in for a treat as we
bring you the Toonami pop up channel 71 which shows the very best super
heroes cartoons along with some nail biting action Anime to keep them at the
edge of their seats.

Animania is also back on GOtv with a fun-tertainment movie line-up the kids
will love. Everyone is invited to Animania on M-Net Movies Zone channel 3
for the best of animated movies every Saturday from 1pm – 5pm.

Download MyGOtv App or use USSD by dialing *288# from your mobile
phone to manage your account today.

We Love #GOtvKids. GOtv… Live it.. Love it.

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