Maggi Signature Complete Mix

At this point, you must have seen or heard about Maggi’s most recent product line of seasoning powder variants – the “Maggi Signature” line. If you haven’t, the most important thing that you need to know about it is that once again, Maggi has pulled a rabbit out of the hat with a brilliant, yet simple idea. 

One thing that is easily noticeable about the brand is the fact that, Maggi don’t just shove products in consumers’ faces. Everything they produce is well thought out and addresses specific needs. The existing Maggi Chicken, Crayfish, Naija Pot etc. seasoning cubes are great examples. Each one of them has a specific situation that it is best used for. That way, consumers feel like the brand actually cares about their needs and are not only trying to make sales. It’s a brilliant strategy and it’s the same thing Maggi has done here with the Signature seasoning powder line.

How to make Native Jollof Rice

Each one of the Maggi Signature variants address a different type of food. For instance, the Party Jollof variant is great for Jollof recipes. There’s a strong feeling that one is already a big hit among Nigerians, with all the hype surrounding the unique taste of Party Jollof. Everyone brags about how good Naija Party Jollof tastes and if there is an opportunity to make it even better, or an opportunity for everyone to create their own version of Party Jollof from one corner at home, expect Nigerians to jump on it. 

The Signature Correct Pottages variant is great for all types of Pottage recipes, your beans pottage recipes, yam and plantain pottages. 

Finally, the Signature “Miya” variant is best for all types of soup. Vegetable, sauces, pepper – whatever it is, Miya’s got you 😉 

It’ll be interesting to know how well the product is doing in the market, so if you’ve tried any of the variants, please drop a comment and let us know what you think about it. Have a swell day! 

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