Recipe- How To Make Native Jollof Rice

Recipe- How To Make Native Jollof RiceHey mums, our recipe this week is Native Jollof Rice. Popularly known as concoction rice, it is quite similar to our very own Jollof Rice, however, it offers unique traditional flavors with locust beans and other native ingredients (we can say it is Jollof Rice as our grandmothers made it in those days)


Long grain rice                                               4 cups

Dry prawn (soaked in warm water)              1/2 cup

Fresh pepper (chopped)                                  8 pcs

Locust beans                                                     1 wrap

MAGGI Naija Pot                                               3 cubes

Crayfish (rough blend)                                     1 cup

Scent leaves (Basil)                                           1 bunch

Smoked chicken (chopped)                             1/2 of a whole

Water or meat stock                                        8 cups

Onions (chopped)                                             1 big

Cooking Instruction

  • Wash rice with warm water until clear, then drain. Set aside
  • Put water or stock in a clean pot then bring to  boil
  • Add fresh pepper, MAGGI Naija Pot, prawns, crayfish, and Locust beans.
  • Bring to a boil, then add in the rice. Reduce the heat and allow to cook for about 20 minutes.
  • Add the smoked chicken and fresh pepper. Stir. Add basil and then allow to simmer until it’s soft and cooked.
  • Serve.



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