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Make Up Products Tips For Mums

Mums love their children and prioritize them above everything else. Mums still want to look good, flawless makeup that does not take forever to apply or need to be topped up often during the day. Here are some make up product tips that will last through school runs, office, meetings, grocery shopping and all that you need to get done in a day.

So when you have some “me time”, want to apply makeup that will last and is available locally? The list below is for you. All products recommended are “mummy pocket” friendly i.e affordable.

Foundations (considering Nigerian Weather)
Inglot AMC

Oily skin: Mary Kay Time Wise Matte, Tara foundation, Inglot AMC

Dry, Normal and Combination skin: Mary Kay Medium Coverage Foundation, Revlon Colour Stay Foundation, Maybelline Fit Me.

Acne prone, Hyper pigmented skin with acne scaring:
BlackUp Full Coverage Foundation , Black Opal Total Coverage Foundation, Milani concealer.

Powder (for use with foundation)

Powder for everyday use on the foundation should be light/mild. Simple oil block powder for oily skin will do or any translucent finishing powder for other skin types.

Powder (for use without foundation)

Powder for everyday use without foundation: BlackUp Two Way Cake, Mac Studio Fix, Tara Foundation Powder.


Eyeliner recommendations Maybelline, Collosal Kajal, Milani Liquid Eye (preferably black)


Maybelline or Milani.

Lipstick or Lip glossHouse of Tara

Depends on how bold you want to look. Nude, pink, red… My “go to” product for lips are Milani Lip Gloss and Lip Stick. I also love Tara Lip Gloss.

My next article will include a video on Applying Mum’s Makeup in 5 minutes.

Till next time, Remain Beautiful.

Contributed by Tope Mark – Odigie

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