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DALM | Stay Open Minded – Flying Cars Are Here

Diary Adventures of LagosMums: DALM | Stay Open-Minded – Flying Cars Are Here

I believe we are all creative by nature and our minds invent, adapt and create constantly. Children seem to always think out of the box and ask questions that seem incredulous and even funny to adults. They find it easy to stay open minded because they are still learning and are still figuring out the world they live in, they are trying to understand how things work. In all of this they tend to ask questions about things that they do not see and things they imagine should exist. Creative Ideas

Bill Gates imagined a world where there would be “A computer on every desk and Microsoft software on every computer”…He made it happen with sheer determination, hard work and based on his interest in computers. As a young boy, he and his friends created a “Programmers Group” where they developed their skills. From what we seem to understand his parents were in tune with their son’s interest and intelligence and supported him.

Imagine if his parents had told him to forget his futuristic idea and told him to study pre-law at the university. I can just imagine how bored he must have been in these classes which probably accelerated his decision to drop out of college early.

It is worth keeping it in mind that we should not stifle our children’s’ creativity and imagination. In listening to what they are curious about we can guide them to continue to explore their interests. What children ask questions about the most can be a snapshot into the things they are interested in and their gifts and talents that are waiting to be developed.

The other day, my son asked me if there were flying cars. My initial reaction was to say no it is not possible cars don’t fly. However before I could respond, he encouraged me to check with Uncle Google and told me to type in “How to make a flying car” and “Where to buy a flying car“. I did as he asked and I was surprised to find that there are many efforts going on to release the first flying cars – the inventors have gone past just trying to invent it!.

He and his sister then started having conversations about the best use of flying cars. They reasoned that it should be to avoid traffic (we were currently in traffic). Then, they wondered if everyone has a flying car then there’ll be traffic in the air….smile.

Flying Car

Thanks to google, I stumbled on several articles about flying cars (I am now intrigued myself) and read an article on Forbes that the first flying car might be on sale as early as 2017. We also watched a video on You Tube about a flying car which looked like a helicopter on wheels, watch video flying car here.

Such a simple concept but yet a powerful one. All minds have the ability to imagine, to create, to adapt and to invent. Let us stay open minded and allow our minds to be free to imagine and to explore. Thinking like a child who sees all possibilities helps me to truly believe anything is possible.

What are your children imagining and creating?

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