Managing your Domestic Staff

Most homes engage the service of domestic staff and it is important for you as the employer to keep certain things in mind as you manage your domestic staff.

  1. Background checks are important before they start work. Insist on speaking to an ex-employer.
  2. Very importantly get an identity card for them and keep a copy with you. (Verifyme is one such service that gives domestic staff ID)
  3. Get a general domestic staff screening blood test done at a reputable clinic or hospital. No use saving money going to a cheap clinic where you cannot rely on the results.domestic staff
  4. Make sure you know at least two persons that are her relatives or guarantors.
  5. You need to know where she lives (family house or her base)
  6. Try and be responsible for her toiletries. This might sound harsh and old fashioned but you might be shocked at what you might find.
  7. If you have girls avoid hiring a house boy, also with your son be careful with what a house girl does for him like giving him a bath the older he gets etc.
  8. If she has no reason to enter your matrimonial bedroom then let her stay out of it
  9. Short dresses, tight jeans, eyeliners, lipsticks and weave-on, these are things that you might allow unconsciously but think about this – who are they trying to impress? their priority is the housework or caring for the children.
  10. Carry out medical tests at least 6 months after they start in your home.
  11. Take time to discuss job description and expectations and also carry out reviews now and then. Important to let them know how they are doing and how you feel about their performance.

photo source: bespokebureau

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