Meet Dr. Hadiyah-Nicole Green – Groundbreaking Cancer Treatment Pioneer

Meet Dr Hadiyah-Nicole Green, a female physicists in the United States and Assistant Professor at the Morehouse School of Medicine who is currently developing a laser treatment to battle cancer that has little-to-no side effects.

Dr. Hadiyah-Nicole Green 

After 11 years of patience and perseverance in the lab, Dr. Hadiyah-Nicole Green’s groundbreaking laser technology cancer treatment, which induces 100 percent tumor regression in mice, is a miracle. She was recently awarded a $1 million grant from the Veterans Affairs’ Office of Research & Development to take her findings to clinical trials. 

After watching her aunt refuse to take radiation therapy for cervical/ovarian cancer; her uncle battle through esophageal cancer, and the effects of chemotherapy, Dr. Green said she “got to experience first-hand the horrors of cancer and the horrors of cancer treatment.”

Dr. Hadiyah-Nicole Green 

Her uncle, who raised her since the age of four, lost all of his hair and eyebrows, his fingernails turned black, and he lost 150 pounds during his battle with the deadly disease. Dr. Green shared on NewsOne Now that her uncle’s “skin went from being a beautiful chocolate to looking like it had been burnt in an oven or barbecued.” 

These tragedies fueled Dr. Green to pioneer a new way to deliver the life-saving medication many Americans need. Dr. Green’s undergraduate studies were based in optical communications and lasers, with which she initially planned on revolutionizing the way internet and cable television is delivered. Green instead decided to apply the knowledge gained through her undergraduate studies to the battle against cancer.

In an interview with Roland Martin, she said, “If we can see from a satellite in outer space if a dime on the ground is face up or face down, we should be able to do a better job of pinpointing the tumor and treating just the tumor and not the whole person.

Dr. Green is also looking for support to take her research to the next level. To support Dr. Green’s most important work, please visit or

Dr. Hadiyah-Nicole Green 

When asked what it takes to be a successful scientist, She says Perseverance, hard work, dedication, attention to detail, the curiosity and the desire to figure out something and good study habits

According to her ” I have faced challenges with racism. That was harder to go through than the academic part and the actual experiments. That was the part that ate away at me the most. I’d go home and cry and say, “I wish I didn’t have to deal with this”. And my family would say; “When you finish quitting tonight, get back up in the morning and go back at it and stay focused”. It was not easy, but I think about how many people would be inspired because I just didn’t quit.”

We can definitely learn a thing or two from her. Weldone and thank you Dr. Hadiyah-Nicole Green.

Photo credit: Eric & Jamie Photography 

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