Mobile Device Etiquette needed

An increasing number of people are abusing the use of mobile devices and are using the devices inappropriately, incorrectly and sometimes dangerously. How many times have you seen someone who is using their device walking, climbing the stairs or driving. I feel like the people I  see always glued to these devices are getting younger and younger. Our children are using these devices from an earlier age, it is therefore important that parents train and advise them on the appropriate ways to use these devices.

So I am coming up with a Mobile Phone Etiquette List – please add other tips you share

  1. Do not use while walking – Mobile phones and smart devices should not be used while you are walking.  Walking and using a mobile device means you are not aware of dangers around you, potholes on the floor, a stationary object infront of you, an oncoming vehicle or other dangers.
  2. Do not use while driving – Mobile phones should not be used while you are driving, there is no way you can be as alert when you are driving and sending a text or picking a call at the same time. Note to parents, children learn from the examples they see from you! So miss that call you can always call back and say you were driving, it shows your children that safety comes first. 
  3. Use a headset – Do not spend long periods of time on the phone holding it up to your ear. If you are making a phone call use a handheld device or use the speakerphone feature. It is also a good idea to get a landline if you are someone who spends a long time on phone calls. Note to parents, the cellphone companies specify that phones should not be held up to your ear.
  4. Reduce disturbance – Mobile phones should be put on silent or vibrate when you are in public gatherings like church, when you are in class or in the middle of a meeting. It is distracting and not socially acceptable to let your phone disturb a meeting,
  5. Get your rest – Mobile phones should be turned off at night or put on silent when you are going to bed. You should not wake up in the middle of the night and pick up your device to check the latest tweet. Social media can wait for you to wake up in the morning.
  6. Secure your data – Your mobile phone should not be used to store too many personal information like your address or bank details. Remember that it can be stolen and if you have not password protected your information you risk it falling into the wrong hands. Children might not understand the danger of sensitive information landing in the wrong hands yet.
  7. Respect your company – If you are having dinner or a meeting with someone, pay attention to your guest you should not spend time with your mobile phone when you have a person beside you who wants to spend time with you. It is rude and gives the impression you are not interested in the person with you. Note to parents, at the dinner table do you spend all your time on your device ignoring your family, this does not sow the right seeds for your children.
  8. Protect your eyes – Do not spend long stretches of time on mobile devices, this causes strain on your eyes and can cause long term eye issues. It is better to limit the amount of time you spend on these devices and use a full sized screen as much as possible.
  9. Save your data – Remember to back up your devices regularly so you don’t loose your information if your device should crash or get lost.
  10. Privacy – Do not use your mobile devices to take inappropriate pictures especially without the knowledge of the person whose picture you are taking. Also it is very wrong to take a picture or record something that was meant to be private and then post it up for public consumption on Facebook or youtube.

Used correctly the smart and mobile devices are meant to enhance your day to day life and help you be more effective and productive. Used excessively instead it does the opposite and hinders your social skills while making you less productive. We have to take the time to think about the way we use these devices.

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