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Candace Cameron Bure is an American actress, producer, author, and talk show panelist, popularly known for her role as D.J. Tanner on Full House. She is a mum of three who believes that giving children boundaries is the best thing that a mum can do for them. She is a strong Christian and she does whatever she can to protect her children. Candace and her husband are hands-on parents and she believes parenting should be intentional.

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Candace Cameron Bure

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1. She encourages her whole family to be team players

The family is very close; that much is obvious, and it appears they work as a team in everything that they do. Regardless of what one person in the family is doing, the whole family will go along for support. If one of the children has a sports practice, then everyone goes to support that child. They eat out a lot and they do it as a family. Their weekends are also filled with fun activities. She says that her children love to spend time with them.

2. She has imbibed a reading culture in her children

Reading is always something that should be encouraged in any household. Candace believes that every child has a need and if that need is met, then that child will be able to reach their maximum potential. TV is minimized in the household and what replaces it is lots of reading. She encourages her children to read a lot and to actually enjoy reading as a pastime. She also encourages her children to write and to take joy in the practice.

3. She supports her children’s dreams and cheers them on

She followed her dreams as an actress and she has no problem with her children going into showbiz as well. There are a lot of people who worry about their children going into Hollywood and there are even actors that don’t want their children in the same business, but Candace is not one of them. Her daughter, Natasha has gone forward into working as a model and actress and Candace supports her. “My daughter’s dabbling in showbiz, and she’s done a few commercials. She’s auditioned for some movies and shows, so I’m letting her pursue that. I’m OK with it.”

Candace Cameron Bure

4. She is courageous

She doesn’t teach anything to her kids that she’s not willing to do herself and that includes being courageous. When she appeared on Dancing With The Stars she said it was one of her more courageous acts. “That picture as exciting as it is, it still makes my stomach queasy because I wanted to throw up every night on ‘Dancing With The Stars,’” she admitted. She is proud of the move she made to appear on the show. “I learned so much from that show but I still need that message every day,” she said.

5. Always be comfortable in your own skin

Candace has had times in her life where she wasn’t always comfortable in her own skin. One time that she remembers feeling that way was after she gave birth to her third child “I look like I’m 12-years-old in this picture, holding a baby,” she said laughing at a photo of her and Max. “I had so many voices in my head telling me ‘you should be doing this’ or ‘you should be doing that,’” she said. She realized though that she was exactly where she was supposed to be and she wants her own children to just chill in the moments that they are currently in.

6. Be kind to your siblings

When she was on the TV show Full House, she had on-set siblings as well as real ones. She grew up in a family that taught kindness towards siblings. Candace stated that she would always tell herself to be kinder to her siblings in real life and on set. She expects the same from her own children. [Read: How Parents Can Avoid Unhealthy Sibling Rivalry ]

Candace Cameron Bure

7. No TV during the week – Homework always comes first

Part of the rules for no TV during the week is because Candace believes that homework should be the focus for the week. She believes that homework comes first in the household. “We turn off the TV, video games and computer – except for homework – during the week. The TV’s reserved for Friday night, Saturday and Sunday just because that’s the time to do homework, and it makes it that much less chaotic in our house.” Candace believes that the children need to focus on school or work during the week and there is no need for TV.

8. She is raising responsible Digital citizens

Candace and Val believe that their kids are responsible for everything that comes out of their mouth, most especially on social media sites. She has been telling her kids not to be drastic in posting things that may cause controversy. For her, discipline, self-control and being a responsible netizen keep her from getting frustrated.

In her family, their kids can get a mobile phone but not until they are 12 or mature enough. Although her kids are on social media, she monitors their pages and has full access to them.

She reveals that she is an online “friend” with as many of her kids’ friends as will accept her. She said that this is one of those areas where balance is guided by boundaries. This is in a bid to understand the temptations that social media produces, as well as what her kids’ friends are like; so that she can set appropriate boundaries and balance. [Read: How To Be A Digital Savvy Parent in 2019]

9. Health is Wealth – They have to be physically active

Candace is considered to be a fab mum because she takes very good care of herself. But both she and her husband have rules in their house about the children’s health. They want their children to treat their bodies right and that means exercising and eating healthy. Also, they want their children to be physically active so that they have the best opportunities in life. They can either participate in sports, go jogging or hit the gym. Candace prefers her children to exercise at least 3-4 times a week. She has stated in interviews that her children have been jogging since they were five years old.

Candace Cameron Bure

10. All her children do chores

There is certainly nothing wrong with kids doing chores. All the children in the Bure household are responsible for doing chores. The chores that they are expected to take care of is keeping their rooms clean. Taking out the trash, keeping their bathrooms clean, helping to cook meals, feeding the dog, doing dishes and doing the laundry. It’s quite the list but one thing is for sure, they will be prepared for the real world when they move out of their home. It’s refreshing seeing celebrity children that aren’t spoilt. If you want freedom in the household, then the chores must be completed. [Read: Can chores teach children responsibility?]

11. She trains her children to give their 100% at all times

They actually have a motto that doesn’t allow the kids to do anything but give a 100% in everything that they do. She admitted  that their family motto is “excuses are for losers.” They follow the motto in every aspect of his life. It seems a little harsh but no one in the family seems to mind. The motto was originated by her husband, Val who used to be a hockey player. It may have a lot to do with the fact that he has a competitive streak. Val and Candace want their children to follow these rules and they aren’t about to tolerate any nonsense. They aren’t allowed to make excuses, just focus on 100%.

12. No Secrets

One thing that is not tolerated in the household is keeping secrets. In Candace’s house, she believes in open communication with her children at all times. She talks to her children about everything, it doesn’t matter what the subject is. It’s important to her that her children come to her and talk to her about important matters. The whole family is pretty close and it’s probably because they talk about everything. According to Candace, “It’s so important to engage with your kids constantly. I talk with them nonstop from really kind of intense and deep conversations to the fluffy stuff and the day-to-day.

Candace Cameron Bure

13. Stay out of mum’s room

For any couple that has been interrupted in their bedroom by a child walking in, you can probably agree that this rule is an important one. There was a time that one of her children walked in on her and her husband during their “special time” and she didn’t want it ever happening again. Now they have a rule that the children are not allowed in the bedroom when the door is closed. They have to knock first and they are not allowed to go inside unless they receive an answer that it is okay to do so.

14. Her Family lives by the teachings of the Bible

She wasn’t brought up religious but she sure made up for it over the years. Both she and her brother Kirk Cameron have been Christians for years. Throughout the years, Candace has talked about her religion and has encouraged fans to become believers as well. Her family follows the teachings in the Bible and that means her children as well. She believes that following the teachings will help her children to make good decisions in her own life.

She suggests that if people aren’t so certain what to instil in their kids or what types of rules to set, they should dig into God’s Word. For Candace Cameron, you can never go wrong with the Bible.

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